The Top Ten Hotels, Resorts, and Wedding Venues to Get Married in the Ukraine

Not every country can offer the wedding venues that can host weddings of any possible style: from nuptials inspired by the “beach” on the seaside with the dolphins to the city sophisticated style in a church, or exotic national ceremony in the Carpathian Mountains. However, all of those styles are optional in Ukraine. According to the city where you opt to wed in the Ukraine, there are some top venues and resorts that are trendy which can offer the utmost of luxury in beautiful suites either with the sea views in Odessa or with the Orthodox Cathedrals in the background in Kyiv, or in the western part of Ukraine in the ancient city Lviv with its traditional national Ukrainian juicy customs.





The opportunity to tie the knot in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv, Fairmont Grand Hotel can offer you the most luxurious 460 sq.m. ballroom in the city and the rooms with views on the Dnieper River: Room rates start at a mere $300 a night. Meanwhile, the newly opened and most trendy hotel that is the favored setting for the reception in Kyiv is Hilton Kyiv with rates start at $307 a night for a room.



Celebrating your wedding at the InterContinental Hotel Kyiv, you get special luxury atmosphere added to your service by the stunning InterContinental Hotel, which boasts the best views of the city, located in the center of the Kyiv.



Another popular resort and relaxing city in the Ukraine that is known as a “pearl of the Black Sea,” Odessa can offer the best for your wedding ceremony with the beautiful chic beach style ceremony, with dolphins as well as in the 19th century style in the center of Odessa city. For instance, the historic five-star hotel in Odessa, Bristol Hotel, is located 500 meters from the State Opera and Ballet Theatre and will offer a traditional 19th century style wedding ceremony, as well as Duke Hotel which is also in the same vicinity, in the heart of the historical part of Odessa. At the same time, for nuptials at the sea bay, Odessa has another fabulous wedding venue–NEMO Hotel, a unique seacoast resort with dolphins, which offers chic beach style wedding ceremony with dolphins. A luxury room with bay view starts at $220 per night.




For experiencing national Ukrainian customs wedding ceremonies, you should definitely choose the ancient city Lviv, located in the western part of Ukraine. Lviv will impress you with its wedding special national traditions saved from the ancient times. The five-star luxurious boutique hotel in Lviv situated right in the heart of historical part where you can still feel the romanticism spirit and the old city Bohemian atmosphere, Leopolis Hotel, is located in the restored building that is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site; they will prepare the most outstanding wedding ceremony at an average rate of $400 for suites.

Another location worthy of your nuptials offering five-star world-class luxury service is hotels in Lviv: Nobilis Hotel  opened in the end of 2011, they will meet all your needs for wedding preparations. For the more exotic nuptials in the ancient castle, you can set up your special event at Citadel Inn Hotel & Resort, a five-star hotel that is located at the intersection of business, cultural, and historical parts of the city, and will make you feel the spirit of the epoch of the Austro-Hungarian Empire–times of luxury, grandeur, and fascinating gracefulness. The rich history of Kavalier Boutique Hotel will add luxury atmosphere and valuable heritage to your wedding ceremony. Its territory originates from distant 10th century AD, when this land was inhabited by first settlements of ancestors of indigenous Lviv citizens. Austrian Emperor Franz Josef I with his wife Elizabeth of Bavaria was among those who visited this estate more than once. The protected park area which now surrounds Kavalier Boutique Hotel was named in his honor.

Summarizing, our rank is comprised of top ten best spots for the wedding venue in Ukraine for any sophisticated taste and for reasonable budget, at the same time with some specific Ukrainian “features” of hospitality.

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