Philanthropy Is Always a Great Piece of Accessory–Kyu Melange

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Your wedding day comes with so much emotions: joy, excitement, anxiety, and expectations. We all want that day to be perfect. For some, they have dreamed of it all their lives. While for others, it comes as a big and totally unplanned but well received occasion.

Well wishes, joy, tears, food, party, entertainment and gift giving are all part of the event. Usually it is the bride that is on the receiving end of the gift giving process. But some brides want to give, gifts that will bring joy to others.

Many brides have made special request that their guests make a donation to some of their favorite charities. Other brides have donated leftover food to those who are in need. Whichever your method, it’s your wedding, your choice.

Kyu Melange

We caught up with some amazing vendors this season that not only support charitable organizations, but also make it their point to give back to society by creating jobs for those in places where women are in need of work to provide for themselves and their families.

Meet Jamaican born Kesi Gibson, well-traveled entrepreneur with a strong financial background, who decided to give up a lucrative career in finance to join the ever-changing world of fashion.

Founder and creator of the Kyu Mélange collection, Kesi Gibson is no stranger to the world of global fashion fusion. It is literally in her roots. Growing up on the island of Jamaica, she experienced firsthand the fusion of diverse people and cultures reflected in food, music, fashion and design. Her own ancestry includes African, Syrian and English roots. Her extended families reside in the far reaches of the globe, from Switzerland to Syria. She arrived in the United States to pursue a degree in dance and theater at Mount Holyoke College.

Some years later the soul of Kyu Mélange was born, launched in New York; Kyu Mélange offers luxury accessories in three collections: The Global Fusion Collection, The Leather Luxury Collection and The Seasonal & Limited Collection.
True to the brand’s commitment to purpose driven fashion, Ms. Gibson has created the Kesi-Kesi Impact Program, the platform through which Kyu Mélange executes its social mission. The cornerstone of the impact program is empowerment through education with the goal to empower women in the creative industries. In addition to the educational component, Ms. Gibson has created the “Melting Pot Movement,” a platform which captures the untold narrative of global artisans through the lenses of fashion, beauty, music and contemporary art.NI1C0548 (1)So her collection of bags not only embark on a wonderful new way for women to look great during one of the most special occasions but allows them to contribute to their community while doing so.

The leather goods are well crafted and designed in various shades of colors for both men and women. The items range from handbags for the modern bride for her wedding to her husband on their honeymoon getaway.

So the next time you want to support a company that not only makes you look good, it will also make you feel good knowing your hard earned money is supporting families around the world one bag at a time checkout Kyu Melange.



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