Dresses That Will Impress You For Your Wedding Day


While popular names such as Oscar de la Renta, Vera Wang, and Ellie Saab have become synonymous with high fashion wedding designers, we should not ignore the creative brilliance of local designers.

These regional artists are no less creative in their craft as wedding designers who also can create wedding chefs-d’oeuvre. In your quest to find the perfect dress,  you will encounter many wedding  designers that are reputable and famous locally in various countries that are worthy of representing their country as a respectable brand in the bridal industry. Among such wedding moguls in  the Ukraine are famous wedding designers: Stella Shakhovskaya, Oksana Mukha and Natalia Tausher.

Leading the Ukrainian wedding fashion market is  wedding designer Stella Shakhovskaya, whose wedding gowns are on the priority list for Ukrainian celebrities planning their nuptials. Her style is marked by a combination of classics and world trends while preserving her special touch that defines her esthetics. Shakhovskaya has fairly built her reputation  as one of the most favorable wedding dress designer in the Ukraine.

In having this conversation of naming designers, it is impossible not to mention a wedding designer who started with a small show room some 20 years ago and has already opened wedding boutiques in Paris, Germany, and Belgium – Oksana Mukha, whose style is characterized by the elegance and an identifying charm that her greatest fans value.  Her wedding dresses embody femininity, refinement, and elegance. Oksana Mukha mainly uses organza, satin, natural chiffon, and French lace. Special attention is given to each collection created by Oksana Mukha. Known best for her  corsets which sits perfectly on any figure, highlighting the beauty of the female lines.

Last but not least, unique and elegant are the terms that best describe the style that the famous wedding gown creator Natalia Tausher has been labeled as being. Floral themed gowns became the basis for the last wedding collection created by this artist. The wedding designer used ample amount of lace and the technique of weaving of a complex texture and ingenuity to bring this past collection to life. The collection presents a variety of models ranging from overtly feminine dresses to the English royal era of the XVIII-XIX centuries. Natalia Tausher created new color accents: shades of lime powder, apple blossom, peach and ashen gamma, which has become a hallmark of the designer. In the collection Natalia first used flax, connecting it with a natural silk and organza.

So before you decide on which designer that will have the honor of gracing your form with their design, you may want to seek out the names of some local designers in your region that also command praise for their brilliance and craftsmanship.


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