Get into the Dress for the Rest of Your Life–(Staying fit)

There’s nothing like an engagement ring to motivate a woman to get in shapeAnd if your upcoming wedding is serving as inspiration for you to tackle your weight loss goals, that’s greatWe all need to find our motivation, and a wedding has a deadline that can inspire you to take action. Follow these steps below to ensure you look your best in the dress (and beyond)!

1. Set a reasonable goal.  You can lose between 4 and 8 pounds in a month if you’re really focused. Determine the true timeline you are working within and accept realistic number you can achieve.
2. Eat several meals a day including breakfast.  Not eating enough can sabotage your weight-loss efforts just as much as overeating can.  When you don’t eat enough, your body begins holding on to all the calories you consume and turns them into fat. Research recipes and plan meals in advance.
3. Exercise 3-4 days a week. Find an exercise regimen that you enjoy.  If you don’t enjoy doing it, you won’t be motivated to continue once the wedding is over. Do your research.  If you are participating in a group fitness class, make sure you have a certified instructor that motivates you. Zumba is a great example of a fun, effective workout that can burn up to 1,000 calories per session.
4. Schedule your workouts.  Make fitness a priority. Add workouts to your calendar and keep them as you would any other appointmentYou wouldn’t miss your cake tasting, pre-marriage counseling session or dress fitting, would you? 
5. Limit alcoholIt lowers your inhibitions which may cause you to overeat. Plus, it’s high in calories.
6. Sleep. Even though you have a million decisions to make and you want to get everything perfect, get your rest.  Aim for 7-8 hours per night. 
7. Drink WaterDrink as much water as you can daily. Drink it before meals and in between bites.  It prevents overeating, aids in weight loss, and keeps you hydrated during your workout. 
8. Get support.   Find a workout buddy! Workout with your bridesmaids, friends, family members, or coworkers.  When you know someone is counting on you to be there, it motivates you to show up too. Share your fitness goals with others so they can hold you accountable.

By making smart, reasonable and sustainable changes to your current diet and fitness regimen, you won’t only look great by your wedding date but you’ll stay healthy, fit, and happy for years beyond.  


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