Menus: From Culture to Diversity, the Do’s for the Brightest Taste! Cultural Wedding Reception Menu Ideas

©Thibault Chappe Photographe for Muriel Saldalamacchia Weddings
©Thibault Chappe Photographe for Muriel Saldalamacchia Weddings

Creating your wedding menu is not just the caterer’s affair. It’s an extension of your love story: It’s full of diversity, where you can express your creativity and generosity to your love ones! Moreover, when you’re planning your reception, creating your wedding menu is no small feat. Here’s a to do list to guide you through a stress-free and smart decision-making process. Discover some of the tips we gathered from newlyweds to create your cultural wedding menu. Yummy!

#1Put forward a cocktail reception if your guest list is a mixture of more than four different nationalities.

Jane, a newlywed from New Scotia, had fun when her Danish childhood friend began to eat shrimps at 4:30pm while her bridesmaid from Colombia ate these same shrimps at 10:45pm. With a cocktail reception, individual biological rhythms should be considered. This creates a great atmosphere.

#2 – A wedding menu mix thanks to caterers’ extensive knowledge.

Juri, a new bride from Japan, was scared about the complexity of her wishes. The wedding was in Manhattan, and with her groom, they chose to have a renown Japanese caterer work hand-in-hand with a young chef from France. Amazing experience for the 67 guests! Her wishes had been realized thanks to the extensive partnership and knowledge of the two professional caterers. She had only these words in mind: “cultural wedding reception menu ideas food.”

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#3 – Take the time to explain to your friends and families what they will be offered.

Manja, a bride from Germany, decided—with her beloved—to write on tiny chalkboards the croque-en-bouche menu funny descriptions and meanings! Guests were excited to learn while tasting. Huge plus: The guests were confident and relaxed because they were discovering new tastes. Communication is education, even during a wedding!

For the creative wedding couple, imagine these menus as being a full part of the whole decoration of your wedding. Take time to have fun.

#4 – Which culture will you favor?

Marie is French and Leo is Brazilian. Their wedding took place in South of France, near Saint Rémy de provence. They both decided to cater the biggest part of the wedding menu for the guests who had traveled the greatest distance: Brazilians. The only thing on the menu that was French was the Piece Montée. The French family was very happy to welcome the Brazilian family and friends. So the Brazilians felt at home with such a stunning welcome. And how about the reception and the dinner? No doubt it is still a tasty souvenir for each of the 136 guests, many months after the event!


Be sure your guests love both of you. Whatever happens, make your decisions with thoughtfulness and happiness. Your diversity is all about that: your wedding is cultural!

Muriel Saldalamacchia

©Ela and The Poppies for Muriel Saldalamacchia Weddings
©Ela and The Poppies for Muriel Saldalamacchia Weddings


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