The Best Wedding Floral Style, Ever: How to Get It Through Real Wedding Stories!

Wedding Floral Style
Wedding Floral Style
Fleurs NYC© |  Roey Yohai Photography©

What would a wedding be without flowers? Any bride-to-be cannot imagine her wedding without opulent flowers everywhere. Even the most stylish and trendy bride desires the most amazing wedding floral style. Here are simple tips to follow, based on real wedding stories, with real brides. This will help to guide you and ensure you will not lose your head with this important budget heading.

1.  Choose your favorite flowers.

Your wedding floral style is the complete reflection of who you are. So as your wedding day is one of the most meaningful events of your life, feel free to get inspired by your favorite flowers. Newlywed, Sara remembered the first exchange she had with her husband Matt before their wedding. “I knew I wanted to have peonies everywhere. And when I said everywhere, this could have been insane. And not to be a bridezilla, Matt told me my choice was meaningful. Peonies were the first flowers he gave me for our first Valentine’s Day.”

Wedding floral style
Fleurs NYC© – Photo by Christian Oth Studio NYC©

2.  Set up the budget.

Allison and Tony had a great spring wedding. “We choose that season for our wedding because flowers were blooming everywhere. And it was the best period of the year to have the quantity of flowers we dreamt about while managing our budget.”  The budget for flowers generally accounts for 10% of the whole wedding budget. If you choose flowers without taking notice of the season—for instances, peonies everywhere for your winter wedding—the bill can grow fast. For spring, the most generous flower will be the sweet pea. In the summer, you can easily have hydrangea. If you choose to embrace a winter wedding, tulipe and anemone can be your best friend. How about for your fall wedding? Succulent flowers with ranunculus and Austin roses.

Discuss with your husband-to-be and your families about this specific point. If the wedding floral style is something you always dream about, make it your top priority.

3. Imagine the colors.

Today, flowers vary widely, and the possibilities are unlimited. If flowers are your main décor, choose one color with your lover and decline cameo. Subtlety of the tones you choose will give your wedding floral style a unique spirit; after all it’s your unique wedding!

Wedding Floral Style
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4. The list: Be precise with your wedding floral style.

Take time (and love) to imagine each detail for your wedding floral style.

To help you, here is a helpful suggestion Melly wrote to prepare for her appointment with her amazing florist in Flower District. “I wanted to be as precise as I can be for this crucial appointment. It was just as if my wedding was dependent on my florist and the list that I had prepared.” I had to consider the bridal bouquet, the bridesmaids bouquets, the boutonnieres, the mothers corsages, the flower girl bouquets, the tossing petals, cake topper décor, aisle runner, the altar arrangements, the centerpieces for the rehearsal, the centerpieces for the reception, the set-up of the ceremony, the chuppah or the wedding canopy, the cocktail area.

Fleurs NYC© - Photo by Brett Matthews©
Fleurs NYC© – Photo by Brett Matthews©

5. Choose the florist.

This is a significant step in the process. Take time to choose the florist you will hire to create what will be your wedding floral style. If you are fond of the work of a specific florist, no matter how you can connect with her/him, you must BOOK her/him. The florist and her/his team will become your best friend, just after your wedding planner.

Compare, ask, meet, explain, show photos—thanks to your World Bride Magazine and Pinterest. The more information you share with your florist, the more meaningful your wedding floral style will be.

Your florist is the perfect professional who can make your dream come true. Engage a solid partnership with her/him. You will have to be trustful and confident with your florist. Please ask the florist how he/she envisions creating the wedding floral style you imagine. Discuss all the details for your Big Day: delivery, freshness, payment.


With these tips, you now have control on how your floral arrangement should be for your special day. And you can breathe deeply and feel secure in your decisions…. You will have the most amazing wedding floral style! Create your wedding with flowers. Enhance your wedding—flowers, with diamonds and Jimmy Choo’s, are a girl’s best friend.

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