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The bride, the bride, the bride. Where would the bride be without her groom. Yet, the attention primarily falls on the bride. Here at World Bride Magazine the groom is just as important to us—his look, well-being and of course, his hair NATURALLY.

Well Being & Mental Health
The human male is socially conditioned to ignore biological signs that protect him from stress and illness. All too often the fatigue that warns him against going on any further and protects him from exhaustion is pushed aside heroically, or it may be that a sense of duty or the circumstances of his responsibilities prevent him from taking heed of the warnings. Whatever the reason, pushing yourself beyond the limits of healthy fatigue over a period of time leads to the gradual breakdown of body systems. Having body awareness is being able to chart the difference between extending and overextending ourselves. The problem with this whole subject is that once we have become exhausted it is difficult to recognize that things have gone too far. We blame the escalated problems, frayed tempers, and fractured relationships on other things.

Relax… You Deserve It!
*Relaxation is the key word, but without help it is easier said than done. For someone in an exhausted state, massage provides a particularly good way of relaxing, although it may take six or more sessions for relaxation to be complete. Using essential oils not only helps the body to cope but enables an exhausted person to sleep so that reserves of energy may be put back. A rested person is also better able to deal with emotional situations and can avoid the dramatic emotional swings characteristic of the exhausted state. Exhaustion is not overcome by stimulating the body further. The key to regaining a normal state of affairs lies in using oils that work through the nervous system to calm and relax. This is the first step, and it is a process of deprogramming so it will take time. Don’t expect miracles overnight. Try the formula below or make your own from the selection of oils and massage into your whole body every night. If you have a partner who can do this for you, all the better.

Exhaustion Massage Formula

Vetiver – 2 drops

Frankincense – 5 drops

Bergamot – 5 drops

Marjoram – 8 drops

Clary-sage – 5 drops

Chamomile Roman – 5 drops

Diluted in 2 tablespoons vegetable oil

Diet & Healthy Hair
Does your hair look and feel the way you want it to; is it healthy? Did you know there is a connection between healthy mind, body, spirit and strong healthy hair? Treating your body well internally and externally is essential to the balance of harmony. Understanding the harmony of your mind, body and spirit is essential for optimal health. It is the root of healthy hair. Positive thinking reinforces a healthy mind. Proper nutrition and exercise is required to build a strong body. Believing in the power of prayer nourishes the spirit, linking the connection between healthy mind, body and spirit to strong healthy hair. Take control of your life. Choose foods, friends, a mate and products that are good for you. Your choices represent the type of man you are.

*You can replenish your hair and stimulate new hair growth by eating a multitude of vegetables that contain rich sources of nutrients. Vegetables that are good for your overall health will also help to prevent hair loss. Including a variety of vegetables (dark, leafy greens, peppers, cruciferous vegetable, winter squash, etc.). Vegetables prove beneficial for a healthier body. It is important to eat a well-balanced diet to reap the greatest health results.

We hope that World Bride Magazine has assisted you on your continued journey of being your very best self–healthier and happier. All praises to you… Live Well Naturally!

Healthy Lifestyle Option….NATURALLY!
Paradise Oil Elixir is the first 100% all-natural, certified vegan hair, body, and bath oil that supports the connection between mind, body and spirit for radiantly beautiful, healthy hair and skin. Paradise Oil Elixir incorporates the philosophy of Ayurvedic medicine, a tradition of holistic healing in India as it pertains to healthy hair and skin. Paradise Oil Elixir is perfect for all hair and skin types. It is made from therapeutic botanical and herbs that are purely restorative, nourishing and moisturizing. Live in the harmony of oneness for healthy body, mind, spirit and hair. All textures are welcomed.

Source/Credits: Passage and Formula from: The Complete Book of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy by Valerie Ann Worwood
Photo: Keston Duke, Model: Julian Walker

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