The Best Brows in the Room…


Walking down Broadway between 62nd & 63rd I walked into a small slice of VIP treatment. Today I paid a visit to Lilibeth, an eyebrow salon specializing in the detailed shaping of the brow, tailored to each individuals clients facial structure.  I had the fortunate opportunity of being worked on by the owner Lilibeth herself and was welcomed with an amazing degree of hospitality. 

I spent the next 30-minutes not only getting my brows shaped but also getting a step-by-step tutorial on not only the technique used to shape my brows but also on how to maintain them myself. As I watched in a handheld mirror Lilibeth shaped, shadowed, highlighted, filled-in and set the color in my brow, creating a shape I never imagined yet matched my face perfectly. Better yet!? I left with my very own shaping tool, which each customer receives after their personalized service so that I could maintain my shape at home. 

The magic wand? 


Lilibeth’s advanced eyebrow shaper. The convenient little tool trims eyebrow hairs and exfoliates skin at the same time. Its so gentle and precise you can use it all over your face and won’t have to worry about making frequent trips to get those brows done. Great for girls (like me!) who tend to get lots of growth back after only a week.

The result: Custom brows that fit and enhanced MY face, natural arch and brow shape!


New bride looking to look perfect on that special day? Make sure every detail is tended to, including those tricky hairs above your eyes. Lilibeth gets brides often who are just as impressed with her work as I was. You will be too, I promise 🙂


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