The Peaceful Wedding Planner

Gabrielle Bernstein


A New York Times bestselling author, motivational speaker and Kundalini yoga instructor, Gabrielle Bernstein knows a thing or two about releasing stress. As a recently engaged bride-to-be, Gabby shares her personal advice on how to stay centered when it comes to wedding planning.

WBM: Like you, most modern women today have a packed work schedule. How do you balance planning a wedding with all your other responsibilities?

Gabby: I have an insane work schedule. Therefore, I chose to plan my wedding a year and half in advance. I also decided to get ahead of it all. I booked the venue, found the caterer and secured the band in the first month of being engaged. I did this so I wouldn’t have it hanging over my head while I was launching my new book and running my business. I think the trick is to be efficient and clear about what you want. Then get it done.

WBM: Planning a wedding requires a lot of attention to detail and couples can quickly become overwhelmed with their to-do-list. What are some suggestions you have for couples who find themselves stressed with the small stuff?

Gabby: Always bring it back to love. It’s very easy to get stressed about the details, but couples must make it a priority to stay committed to their relationship and remain partners in the process. My fiancé and I have grown closer throughout the planning process because we constantly remind each other that we are in it together!

WBM: For some women, dealing with the mother-of-the-groom can be very challenging while planning a wedding. Do you have advice for keeping this relationship intact?

Gabby: The wedding is your time to establish how you want to relate to your mother-in-law. I suggest, bring in the kindness. Be loving, compassionate and generous towards her. She made your husband for God sakes; be grateful! Do your best to manage her expectations but most of all—keep the peace.

WBM: How would you suggest couples stay true to what they want for their wedding instead of feeling pressured or guilted into pleasing others?

Gabby: I believe you need to be clear and direct. The more specific you are about what you want, the less room there is for other people’s opinions. Weddings can excite parents like it’s their prom night. Therefore, I suggest laughing a lot of it off. Don’t let your wedding day become all about your family. Stay clear, confident and focused on what you and your husband want.

WBM: What are some suggestions you have to minimize negative emotions that can arise from couples’ disagreements during wedding planning? 

Gabby: When feeling anxious, resentful or fearful, I suggest you use this wedding meditation: It will guide you to release these emotions and center you back into love.

A happy bride makes for a happy groom. Keep yourself at peace and he will respond to your good vibes. 

WBM: How can women release wedding stress?

Gabby: When we’re stressed, we are not breathing. My suggestion is that you take one-minute breath breaks. Whenever you notice yourself out of control and stressed, simply breathe in for five seconds, hold your breath for five seconds and exhale for five seconds. This simple exercise can change your attitude and reduce stress instantly.



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