London to Paris to Venice! Oh my!

LondonThere are dozens of amazing destinations in Europe for your wedding or honeymoon, but here are our favorites to help you decide on a location.

  1. Cong, Ireland – We suggest all of Ireland, however, Cong is home to the Ashford Castle, voted one of the best castles in Ireland by the Travel Channel. This newly renovated luxury hotel is indeed a “Fairytale Castle.”
  2. London, England – A wonderful destination if the theme of your wedding has a historic edge. From Buckingham Palace to the iconic Big Ben, there are tons of things in the city for you, your fiancé and guests to enjoy. The London Eye, nestled on the River Thames provides a gorgeous panoramic view of the city and river. Remember to visit the Globe Theatre, known for its association with William Shakespeare.
  3. Barcelona, Spain – Known for its artistry and heavy gothic architecture, the city of Barcelona offers a medieval yet modern atmosphere. From its delectable cuisine to its stunning cathedrals and museums the options are endless. A must see is the Santa Maria del Mar, Barcelona a breathtaking setting for your special day or trip.Barcelona
  4. Paris, France – A trip to the city of amour to begin your life together.  The Four Season Hotel George V provides devastatingly gorgeous views of the Eiffel Tower, the city of Paris and Le Louvre which will satisfy all your artistic
  5. Amsterdam, the Netherlands – Between the Van Gogh Museum and the Royal Palace of Amsterdam, you’re sure to feel as educated and pampered as king and queen. Lovers of learning and  history will adore this beautiful city with its numerous galleries and museums.
  6. Berlin, Germany ­– The magnificent Brandenburg Gate is a must when visiting Berlin and the Berliner Dom, a high renaissance cathedral finalized in 1822, will leave you awe struck. Berlin’s charm is a welcoming and perfect scene for your special ceremony or getaway.Berlin
  7. Venice, Italy – What’s more romantic than a city on a river, where you and your fiancé must be chauffeured by gondolas? This romantic city provides a romantic backdrop for either ceremony or honeymoon. Special places with beautiful architecture the Saint Mark’s Basilica and Piazza San Marco and of course the heavenly authentic Italian cuisine.
  8. Positano, Italy – Nestled on the Amalfi Coast of Italy, we recommend the Grotta dello Smeraldo, a cave only accessible by boat, and the beautiful Amalfi Cathedral. The Le Sirenuse Resort, features dazzling views of the Tyrrhenian Sea and a Michelin star restaurant sure to please any discriminating palate.World___Italy_Blue_lagoon_in_the_resort_of_Positano__Italy_063062_
  9. Prague, Czech Republic – The capital is known for its charm, history and public attractions, which range from the Charles Bridge to the Old Town Square to the Prague Castle, and the unique Prague Astronomical Clock, or the Prague Orloj.
  10. Budapest, Hungary – Budapest is sure to deliver a utopian wedding or honeymoon. The Lukács Baths are a historic thermal spa heated by hot springs, perfect for unwinding. The City Park is perfect for romantic strolls after dinner and the Citadella will give you a beautiful view of the city as it overlooks eight bridges over the Daube, Europe’s second longest river.Budapest

With Europe’s rich history and delicious culture, it’s hard to find the perfect destination for your wedding or honeymoon, but we at World Bride hope our list can help you plan perfect excursion. Bon voyage!

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