Discovering the Allure and Tranquility of Hope Town, Bahamas

Hope Town, Bahamas will have you itching to book a flight every month. There’s truly nothing like it. Because of my passion for surfing, I’ve somehow landed a life that is centered around the ocean and its waves. The Bahamas, of course, was the next stop to explore. 

When people think of the Bahamas, Nassau is usually what comes to mind. But Hope Town, Bahamas is a bit less explored and definitely more exclusive. Hope Town, Bahamas is a settlement of Elbow Cay located in the Abaco Islands. With its pastel colored houses and blue crystal water, all I have to say is – absolutely stunning.

I will admit, traveling to Hope Town takes a bit of work. Like 2 flights and a ferry kind of work but that being said, it’s completely worth it. The small island has a relaxed yet luxurious energy, feeling as though you’re in the middle of the world with all of life’s possibilities. 

After the 30 minute flight to Marsh Harbour from Miami, we were able to explore the Bahamian water with Cruise Abaco. Cruise Abaco is a chartering company that has a fleet of 20 boats. From catamarans and motor boats, you can take these vessels out for the day, week or months on end. I love that Cruise Abaco offers so many options to make their guests feel comfortable. You can have a captain on board with the option of having them leave during anchorage at night. They also give guests the option of a captain teaching them how to operate the vessel for a week. Whatever you’d like to arrange, I’m sure it’s an option. As always, what really matters is the culture and customer service. This company is filled with the most genuine and passionate captains out there. It was a delight to simply talk and learn about the Bahamas and boating from them. Cruise Abaco, couldn’t recommend more.

Now, we’ve arrived at Hope Town. You can get there by private boat or the ferry that runs on schedule throughout the day. Hopefully, there is someone to pick you up once you’ve arrived, which most accommodations offer. HOWEVER, if you’d like to do a lot of exploring, I’d highly recommend arranging a golf cart. Hope Town has a very sweet town, restaurants, and water activities. Although the island is only 8 miles in length and 2-3 in width, it’s always nice to have the agency to move about on your own accord. 

There are various accommodations located in Hope Town, from Airbnb to hotels or resorts – the island has you covered. We recently stayed at The Island Retreat, which is considered a beachfront boutique resort with an onsite bar and restaurant. This property has two independent cottages separate from the main house, providing an option for guests who would like additional privacy. Staying in The Cottage myself, I must say, the owner was certainly successful in creating a feeling of home. 10/10 would recommend The Cottage, but there is also the option to rent out the entire property, which sleeps 30 guests in total. 

When staying here, I imagined coming back for a yoga retreat, a relaxing vacation with my family, or a honeymoon filled with water and the intent of hibernating in luxury with my partner. The Island Retreat is pretty much at the center of everything you might need and proved to be the ideal location. Restaurant, surfing, snorkeling, shopping, and tanning. There is an option to use their onsite gym or bring in a yoga/fitness instructor. Again, island life usually equates to flexibility in all things. 

As your in-house surfer, I’m excited to let you know that there is in fact surfing in the Bahamas and I found it in Hope Town. The break has a smooth reef bottom floor with an open face and crystal blue water. I’m itching to get back.

Something you’ll find here that you won’t find in New York or LA is the kindness of the beautiful Bahamian people. I was fortunate to have a conversation with one of the captains from Cruise Abaco about the attention and beautiful energy shared between people when connecting. If you’re talking to someone, they’re not doing a million other things simultaneously. They stop and listen. They really think about how they can help you. The people on this island are really lovely people. They displayed island life to be free of stress and full of love. What a way to live.

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