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twisted-logo-web31Eric Weiser is the co-owner of the Twisted Lily, a place to come and explore perfume.  They offer a hands-on approach, as every bottle in the shop is for testing. Clients are encouraged to take as much time as they need to sniff and explore their collections and to tap into the sanctimonious and intimate world of scent.


Eric has spent his entire career in the fragrance business with his parents who invested in an import/export firm dealing predominantly in high-end, brand name fragrances. After many profitable years in the family business and armed with the international experience of sourcing products and developing new markets, Eric decided to open his own business.


He began reading about the niche fragrance market. As his passion for niche fragrance ingredients and small artisan perfumers flourished, he knew he had found his calling – the Twisted Lily was born!  Realizing that in the world-class city of New York, there were less than a handful of niche fragrance shops ,and then after a year of searching for a prime location, their search ended when they discovered the Boerum Hill section of Atlantic Ave.  A quant, tree-lined half-a-mile of independent boutiques coupled with the coolest inner city, artistic vibe led us to settle on our new home at 360 Atlantic Ave. 360, wow, he thought, what a great address, turning my life around 360°—surely it was meant to be!



Building the dream!  Anyone who’s ever had an expensive dream on a limited budget can, relate to the endless angst. With heaps of uncertainty abounding one thing they knew for sure: they were determined to open a European style, multi-brand fragrance shop that would be home not only to some of the world’s most luxurious niche brands, but to also highlight some of the most amazing creative olfactive works from both local and global perfume artists who frequently source rare ingredients and hand blend in small-batches, of distinguished works of olfactive heaven! They knew that Twisted Lily would be a place to come and explore perfume.


They love sharing their acquired knowledge of scent and smell. One of their major goals when working with clients is to remind them of the basics: our rudimentary primal sense-of-smell, it’s physiological evolution as a method of survival, finding food, a mate, and warding off danger as well as the effects it has on our moods and personal satisfaction that comes along with creating our own olfactive aura. Our very own personal scent “memory” that will remind others of us as it reminds us of them, and it’s this notion of olfactive memory that lasts a lifetime.


The Twisted Lily Experience: Unlike perfumeries of the past, Twisted Lily caters to anyone who has a passion or curiosity for fragrance, whether a novice or a seasoned expert. They offer a no-pressure, non-judgmental environment.


One of their specialties is booking corporate or private events for clients who want to give the ultimate experience in fragrance exploration. Whether a private sniffing party for 30, an “out-of-the-box” bachelorette party for 10, or an intimate consultation for you and your twisted other, their guests enjoy the luxury of their modern yet intimate setting and are treated to a no-holds barred journey into woods, florals, and spices!



What to consider when choosing the perfect scent for your wedding festivities? The first thing they ask a bride or groom is, “what’s the general theme of the wedding?  Is it beachy, campy, super-luxe? What’s in your wedding bouquet? What’s in the flower arrangements?” One thing you want to be sure of is that your personal fragrance will complement the entire arrangement, not clash.  The most important thing, however, is to choose something that’s truly special. Remember olfactive memory!  What you choose to wear on your wedding day will be with you for a lifetime. For the rest of your life, anytime you smell something similar, you’ll immediately be reminded of your special day and with one final reminder, it’s a great idea to choose one scent for your wedding party and another for your honeymoon!

Make certain when you are in New York, find your way to Brooklyn and visit Eric and Friends at the Twisted Lily soon!

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