Veronica Giovannoni: A Picture Worth A Thousand Words


Every special moment in our life deserve a good picture because we want to stop every happy moment, protect, and save it. Photography is an universal language,  an art that is our way to honor what makes us happy. Veronica Giovannoni is a young Italian photographer and has always put photography in the center of her universe. Through her words, every bride will understand the importance of choosing a good photographer for the wedding.

“I love emotions. I love the idea that I can stop them and live them again, everytime I want, no matter where, no matter what. Capture love in a click and keep it forever”.

Because life revolves around emotions and the most beautiful and powerfull emotion…is love. Veronica started to take pictures for passion and curiosity since she was a little girl. The difference between us and a professional photographer is exactly that: we take pictures to remember a particular moment or event; photographers take pictures to remember the emotions. Everybody will remember the day in which you walked in the aisle to your groom, you cut the wedding cake, and the uncle tripped on the step. But a good photographer will catch the excited expression of your groom looking at you, the happiness in your eyes, the laughter of the guests watching the uncle!

So, how to find a good photographer?

“Having good equipment is not enough. It’s very important, but not enough. A good photographer knows the history of photography, the style of big artists, attend a good school and learn the technique. And first of all, a good photographer SHOWS his art. When I started, I hadn’t a photo shop, was just me and my camera. Today is easier, I can share my work online, in my website, in my social network pages and in my own store, so people can watch with their eyes and if they like what they say….great!”


That’s another point: every photographer has a personal style. Don’t stop with the first one you find if you are not totally sure of what you see. This does not mean you found a bad photograoher, this means you want a different style to remember your wedding.

“I capture every moment: the preparation, the make up, the family, everything. People are so excited and this is one of the most beautiful parts of the day…I will always remember a “secret” wedding. I worked for a couple with two babies, they invited all the family to the baptism. But nobody knew that wasn’t just the baptism, that was the wedding.” Amazing.

Veronica knows what clients want and it’s not only about quality. Clients want invisibility. Yes, that’s true! Nobody wants a noisy photographer, not ready to catch the moment, always in the middle….! Choosing a good photographer is not just choosing someone who knows the lights, the technique and the work, it’s choosing someone who knows how to move, professionally.
“Choose someone who tells you a story through the pictures. It’s not a single picture, it’s a set of photos that together tell the story of your special memory”.
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Veronica Giovannoni

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