Couples Wedding Fitness Training

Couples Wedding Fitness Training

Hey, we love you just the way you are! But if you and your “future life partner” have fitness goals you’d like to achieve before your wedding day, have you ever considered training together? The union of two people does not have to start at the alter, in fact now more than ever future bride & grooms are investing in their future by signing up for couples wedding fitness training and getting great results while doing so. That’s right, training together for the BIG DAY!

What are the benefits of training together?

For one there is a cost benefit meaning when training with a fitness coach or personal trainer, two can train for the price of one. And that savings allows you to invest wisely into a savvy meal plan. But the real benefit of couples fitness training is you’re learning the importance of teamwork, communication, commitment, nutrition, meal planning and healthy living. And thats when it becomes a lifestyle.

Also training together allows you to share with your future partner what it is each of you is feeling, experiencing, what is most difficult for each of you within the workouts as well as what is most rewarding as you progress toward your fitness goals together. Couples fitness training also offers the opportunity for you to encourage each other, pick each other up during and after each workout, a true necessity within any partnership. As they say, “there is no quitting in couples wedding fitness training ”. And this will translate onto many other facets of your life together.  Couples fitness training also provides quality time together and it promotes a sense of togetherness which can also help reduce any pre-wedding day stresses which is very important leading up to the big day. Taking the edge off goes a very long way, as does being in tune with each other.

Additionally and given your commitment of getting fit together, what you are actually pledging to is a much deeper level of commitment to one another, and thats the commitment of looking fit sexy and healthy for your mate today and all throughout your marriage.  Because as we all know, looking healthy sexy and attractive truly is magical thing, and it goes a very long way!

Becoming Life Fit together also helps to develop a definite culture within your relationship right from the get go, one that focuses on connection, communication, mental health, wellness, awareness and physical wellbeing which are all of the wonderful things that can then be passed along to the future members of the family, your children.

So step up your game and hire a qualified fitness coach to engage you in a couples wedding fitness training program, and share your success story with us. We’d love to hear from you!



Ray Dente

With over 25 years experience in fitness training, life coaching, and business ownership, Ray Dente has a unique story to tell that is full with adversity and triumph. At 53, Ray is the embodiment of fitness which is a bit shocking given his injury filled past. In the last 18 years, Ray has undergone three knee surgeries, abdominal surgery, testicular cancer, a torn distal biceps tendon, a torn labrum, and a severe back injury.

Ray’s will to succeed through life no matter the odds doesn’t stop with him. His motivational drive spreads contagiously to his clients.

His training methods have helped professional athletes prepare for some of the biggest moments of their lives, and other clients successfully transform their bodies. Though proud of these accomplishments, his passion is educating people on the basic principles of health, fitness, nutrition and mastering the body.

Life is a journey, and Ray is using his experiences to help others through their own. When asked his key to success Ray responded “I motivate, stimulate and educate others!” He also believes you have to first love yourself emotionally, physically, and spiritually in order to live life to the fullest saying It all begins from within!

Living life to the fullest has allowed Ray to do some amazing things such as jumping out of airplanes, scuba diving around the world, surf the waves of North Shore Oahu Hawaii, compete in an international six-man outrigger canoe race, and completing three (3) 26.5-mile stand up paddle board races around the island of Manhattan for charity.

His greatest achievement other than raising his 17-year-old son was his ability to rehab two friends back from serious injuries and his continued charitable efforts. Ray is more than a trainer; he’s an inspiration showing us all, that after adversity there is triumph.

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