AriSi -The German Wunderkinder of Vintage Festivities

photos by Ivo Kljuce


Wedding planner, Simone Vigas, and Location Designer, Ariane Lenhardt, are AriSi. These two highly creative German Frauleins design events that celebrate traditions intermixed with legend and mythology. AriSi embraces the pure magic of vintage festivities while honoring the customs of their German ancestry. Ariane and Simone have transformed the most romantic and picturesque places that their German homeland has to offer, into a kaleidoscope of colors and splendor.

Completely hidden and secret landscapes are lovingly and lavishly staged by this exclusive wedding and location designer duo. With a few experienced wand swings, AriSi lightens up any comely community center, any hard-line motorcycle clubhouse, or any desolate field of loneliness. The visual transformation that comes to life before the guests and clients alike will leave them speechless.

As the beautiful holiday seasons approach, festivities are leaving pastels and soft hues behind and anticipating the deep fall color explosions as well as the heartwarming winter wonderland hues.
If reality invites you to dream – then you have entered the realm of AriSi!

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