Wedding Tips from the Big Screen

It’s the dream of almost every woman, since birth: the man you love who proposes to you after an expensive dinner; a diamond ring; an amazing dress; and an elegant ceremony at the Plaza, family and friends all together .

But have you ever wondered where these fantasies come from?

From your mom, definitely; from your female friends, of course; from fairy tales, for sure. But don’t forget one of the most powerful communication tools: movies.

They can have a big impact on your mind, showing you an alternative reality in which everything is perfect: the bride is on time at church, the groom chooses the perfect ring without the help of his best friend. Since we can’t avoid the alternative universe that movies show us, we should, at least, learn from them.  Here are five situations about marriage that you will be ready to deal with, thanks to your movie’s experience:

1) Runaway Bride: Do you remember Julia Roberts’s famous dash from the church? It can happen. Maybe because you realize he is not the right man for you (though you should figure that out before your big day!), or because you have an emergency, the lesson: wear comfortable shoes. Nobody will see them since they’re covered by the dress, but they will save your life and your feet; after all, you’ll be standing for hours!

Julia Roberts dons the perfect footwear!
Julia Roberts dons the perfect footwear!

2) Bride Wars: She’s your best friend and you share everything with her . . . just not the wedding day! Look to Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway for this lesson: they book their wedding at the Plaza (yes, the Plaza!) on the same day at the same time. This ensures you’ll hate your best friend! And according to the plot of this movie, you’ll even try to embarrass her in an attempt to reclaim your special day. Don’t do that; it’s much better if you book the wedding for another day. That way, you can still be the perfect bridesmaid.

3) My Best Friend’s Wedding: Rule number one: never steal another woman’s man. He is not for you! Julia Roberts is back, again, but this time she tries to steal Cameron Diaz’s groom. Nothing can be crueler! The lesson: Find your own guy and  don’t do unto other’s husbands what you wouldn’t want done unto yours!

Friendships gets tested on wedding days
Friendships gets tested on wedding days

4) My Big Fat Greek Wedding: This advice is for the parents of the bride/the groom: don’t judge. Don’t judge for religion, skin color, ethnicity, wealth, job, or standard of living. Judge the groom for his heart. Nothing else matters. mbfgw

5) The Wedding Planner: Jennifer Lopez shows us in her movie that everything can happen just right, that real love exists, and that you can have the perfect wedding with the perfect man. I haven’t an advice for that. I just can say: trust Jennifer Lopez. Love can be magic if you meet the right one!

JLo plans the perfect event!
JLo plans the perfect event!
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