Bridesmaids That Are As Fierce As The Bride

Bridal Beauty-By Vital
Photo by Vital Agibalow, Kate Romanoff, hair by Corey Tuttle, Styled by Moreno Russo , assisted by Renetta Abbott, Location Moran Victorian Brooklyn New York.

As New York Fashion Week 2016  is set to begin this Fall, as a bridal magazine some may see no need for our presence.  But I beg to differ.  Why?  Simply because I am not a fan of the bad prom dress look,  that is so passe.  Your wedding should not be the moment you take cheap shots at your friends and make them wear frocks that screams payback.   It not only will ruin your wedding images, but the mood of your bridesmaids will for sure not be one of pleasant memories.  So why torture them.

I am a huge believer of you are as strong as your weakest link….and that can be applied to your wedding party.  They are an absolute reflection of your beautiful day and everything about them should be as perfect as you are.  Down to the ladies that will have the honor of  walking down the aisle with you.   They better be model ready because it is that kind of wedding….

You want your ladies to be your rock, your cheerleaders that will bring in all the glits and glamour that the moment will call for.


Even when it calls for a modest and lady like look you want them to be able to pull it off effortlessly.

Somethings you may want to take into consideration when you select dresses for your wedding, that will suit your bridesmaids:

What is the body type of each of the ladies in my wedding party?

What are some of the colors that will flatter their skin tone?

What dresses are appropriate for the theme of my wedding?

What is a reasonable price that I should take into consideration when making my selects?

Would the ladies be able to use the dresses again for another occasion?

These are some of the questions you may want to think of when you sit down and start planning your wedding.  Be thoughtful of others that want to share in one of the most monumental moments of your life.

So for New York Fashion Week this season we will be taking in all that these brilliant designers have to offer and bringing them to you guys to help make your moment a memorable one that will be picture perfect.


Bridesmaids in red

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