Mixing Money & Marriage

They say if a woman sticks with you when you have nothing she’s a keeper. If a man sticks with you when he gains everything then it’s real. What do you say about mixing money and marriage? Marriage is the union of not only two souls but two wallets and all money habits.

Let’s not kid ourselves handling finances is not many of our strong suits. With the majority of our nation being one paycheck away from homelessness — it behooves us to make the wisest financial choices earlier on. Finances and sexual frustrations within a marriage have the tendency to snowball into many other arguments if not addressed correctly. 

Some key factors to identify are to ask:
Who handles money better? Ego has the tendency to show up when we feel challenged. It is important to notate that being flat out honest with your partner is not wrong. To avoid an ego flare up a conversation that begins with identification, plan then strategy is more well received than criticism. To expound on this point we want our interactions with one another to bear fruit. 

Who will take ownership of this department? Handling this area with care is essential to not emasculating your man should they be weaker in this area. You are not their mother. Women can be a little softer in this area for various reasons being that we come from a background where the man controlled the finances, as long as he leads well. 

How will the account(s) be setup going further? Some couples work from a joint account. Others prefer to have a household & separate personal accounts. Depending on the nature of your relationship determine which is best for you, your partner and the overall goals of the household. 

Communication is highly important. Make concessions for your partners time to understand and adjust to something new. Eventually the process will bear fruit. Give time for your partner to find the words that express their concerns regarding how and when money is spent. Encourage a safe place where those questions can be answered respectfully and in total honesty.

Relationship is what you make it to be and if you are determined to break through to the golden years of anniversaries then financial conversations are a must have. As always we want to hear your stories share with us your financial do’s and dont’s. Thank you for joining us this week again, our community is only strong when we share.

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