A Growing Marriage

The topic of love languages sparked by Dr. Gary Chapmans’ earlier writings has not seemed to slow down. It has become a gift too many relationships giving voice to needs that were hard to verbalize. As a society we have accepted the love languages using them as a tool to express natural needs from our mates. 

For those of you who are unfamiliar Dr. Chapman has outlined the 5 Love Languages as acts of service, gift-giving, physical touch, quality time and words of affirmation. Over the last few years additions to the list have been added as sub to the original five.

The beauty of his earlier writing is that it gives us a foundation in which to build upon. Knowledge is ever evolving as we learn and grow. In that respect understanding that humans are complex and not linear helps us forge forward with foundations cemented so we can build. The language of love much like the language of life takes turns ebbs and flows ups and downs in seasons and out of seasons. We too are moving thru those same valleys and peaks also move thru expressions of different languages of love.

Want a better growing marriage then be conscious of the fact that it too will take turns through different seasons. There are dangers in cemented ideas of love and life. It hinders your ability to allow the unfolding of something most wondrous and beautiful. Creation is the gift to the human existence. My love language requirements change as I do and call on different expressions.  I am aware, open and willing to receive as I need. As you walk through this next week gauge for yourselves what are your love language needs. Journal it and at the end of the week review it. Share with your partner and us as always. 

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