Treasures of a Good Woman

When we put a practical definitive term to a good woman’s treasure what are we saying? I believe we are identifying the innermost sacred part of a woman where she edifies all things that come into contact with her. If we would put this into perspective we are saying that women have the innate ability to multiple every seed given. Her ability to grow a person and their mindset is one of her unique treasures. She is given this task within her womb from birth into maturation. She develops the skill of cultivating the seed that will bring forth either peace or destruction. If we are in agreeance here then next ask yourself, has your treasure been grown in good soil?

We can identify that upbringing has much to do with good or spoiled treasure. For many women, our environments or choices have led to the misuse of our innate abilities. The blessing in life is at any moment we are able to turn and make corrections to any area of our life that serves no purpose. Allow me to address one main point that has caused so many treasures to begin rotting. That is without a doubt broken hearts.

Initially we all both men and women come into this life as little boys and girls who immediately only know love. We do not need to be shown this at first, it is a natural quality. However, the environments that have shaped our beliefs have shown us that love hurts when given openly and freely. Only addressing the women at this time, broken hearts begin with our relationships with our fathers. If this resonates with you then you can honestly look at your own life and practically pinpoint the first instance of mistrust and disappointment with your father.

Beneath the radar, we carry this level of mistrust and disappointment into adulthood. At the right moment when it is triggered we succumb to the tactics and tools, we have used to survive with a broken heart. Depending on whether or not the environment has changed we grow in survival mode which many of us are able to mask quite well. It is not until we encounter a trigger that the other person gets to see how we are salted and tries to make right what another damaged. Taking on the task of helping her heal through his performance does not serve the treasure within but hinders the progress she would need to make.

Mending broken hearts is not the job of our spouses but rather work that needs to be taken care of in singleness. Development of the treasure privately ensures that the healing is not based on the partner but is carried with the women for eternity. That no matter the environment her internal processes remain intact.

Let us define treasure as all of the goodness within the woman that edifies. The parts of her that shine more than anything she could adorn her personage with. She becomes an adornment or compliment to the man chosen immediately enhancing their work of building life and legacy. Her spiritual alignment is a direct link to her powers of gifted intuition. In many ways, she never has to say a thing but the energy carried instructs. This force can be mastered in the heart of the woman who knows she has work to do and is willing to go through a process to get to a better-intended end.

Judge for yourself only you can know if this written work is true or not. Either way please comment below we only grow stronger and wiser when we share.

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