Orquesta Sinfonica Juvenil de Cartagena: The Sound of Beautiful Music To My Ears

Fotografo: Erick Pozos www.erickpozos.com

While at BRIDAL WEEK IN CARTAGENA, COLOMBIA 2015 we attended a luncheon at  Casa 1537 and it was there that we heard the Orquesta Sinfonica Juvenil de Cartagena an extraordinary professionally managed youth orchestra that focuses on art education in Cartagena, Colombia.  The young people who are members of this prestigious organization are from a vast spectrum of the City and work together seamlessly.

There is something very special about students who participate in this type of programming, and their ability to transcend the affects of adolescents and socio economic challenges. It is through these arts and education programming that allows each child to accomplish more than expected and dare to strive to be the best in not only their instrumentation but how they approach problem solving, focus and dedication to their own development despite outside influences and other worldly trauma.

This particular orchestra has united each spirit on the stage who have each learned how to bring their instruments and their musician together while successfully interfacing with each note on the page. These precious souls take in the  melody while the body says with the rhythm each finding a different focus for each child on their own individual journey .

I don’t know what was on my plate or if I ate – but I was being transformed to a place of peace amid a symphony of children who had touched my heart as they swayed when their instruments struck the appropriate chord and the exhale was found with the each refrain that met in the middle of a very unusual ethereal dance floor. The sounds from these instruments echo their Caribbean ancestry in such a meaningful and thoughtful way. This youth orchestra is part of an entire network that includes more than 3,000 students from all walks of life and economics and is paid for by Music By Colombia Foundation which is funded by major companies and enterprises in Cartagena and Colombia.

When I think of elegant weddings, outdoors or inside a wonderful historic property, I can certainly envision this orchestra or one in your community to add this bit of charm while assisting community programs in their development. Many of these orchestras can be found in your local high schools or non-profit programs, and I am certain that Orquesta Sinfonica Juvenil de Cartagena will gladly join you and your wedding party at your destination.

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