Bridal Market Week Review

Bridal Market Week in New York City is equivalent to New York Fashion Week and was created for the professionals that have the honor of working with women & men during one of the most monumental moments in one’s life. It is for that special moment every industry professional finds their way around the city to see what new items or inspirations have been conjured up.

Behind each of these new fashion statements are brilliant artists under enormous pressure to do better than last season; while new artists are pressured to be better than those before them. This creative flatworm is not for the mentally weak or doubtful, even though sometimes the sheer pressure of it all can bring out those negative feelings. Let’s just think about it; for months you have been focused on this moment in time – you have called upon every creative fiber in your body, remembered everything your mentors taught or ever said, and every inspiration that you recorded world to see and approve…and do this twice a year. Exhilaratingly remarkable!

Lucky for you, the only ones that can send your career to eternal death are the editors of every magazine that report on bridal, not to mention the bloggers, stylists, and oh, yes…we haven’t even mentioned the store buyers. No pressure!

Why so much pressure??? Because ultimately the writers, editors, and stylists can get your vision and translate it to their readers and brides and convert it into revenue to the stores who dare buy your collection.

The responsibility of translating a bride’s vision is not limited to just her desires and dreams, it is a community project. Most brides dream of their wedding since childhood. They may want to be Cinderella or Princess Tiana or some sort of Disney character, because that is what society has convinced her that her wedding should be.

Then there is the rebellious bride who will go against the grain, give caution to the wind, give her grandmother a stroke, humiliate her mother, and have her father question her paternity…Either by bringing home someone she was not “supposed” to or plan a wedding that will make them question their very ability and qualification to be a good parent…or best ask God why they are being punished. Whichever bride you may be doesn’t matter…own it!

Bridal market is amazing!!!’ I saw a dress for everyone, literally!

Everyone has taste, good, bad or indifferent. But does it suit your wedding, theme, and budget….or the expectation of your guests, because God knows they all want to give you an opinion, solicited or not! That’s free! That’s probably going to be the only thing free you’re going to get during this whole process!

So for this article, we are going to just focus on the great dresses and accessories we found. This may be the only thing that’s yours, unless you bring your entourage and there it begins.  

We found some amazing designers we would like to bring to your attention. I love Vera Wang, Reem Acra, Monique Lhullier, Ramona Keevez to name few…but, my new addiction is finding the new, under-rated designers that deliver with style, creativity, quality and precision. I come from the era when it was the designers that set the trends and made the press turn pages and heads, and sent consumers into a frenzy and crashed websites……Creativity ruled!

So I’m giving you my picks for ones to watch!  And if you are daring you will place your order: I already got two dresses and I’m not even tying the knot!

One designer that caught my eyes was Jinn Wu, with her black statement piece that very much reminded me of the iconic dress that Tina Turner wore to her wedding.  When I asked her what was her inspiration for the collection she had this to share with us:

“Inspired by the art of abstract smokes. Smokes that come in different forms and shapes, it also representing freedom in a way. We used a lot of tulles to create the light and airy feels, just like smokes. Our mantra as always is to give our bride some attitude. Timeless, confident and a little of rock’n’roll”

My impression is she has a pretty bright future ahead with the bride that wants a little twist for her wedding day.  She further went to give us some further information about her history in fashion.

Jinn began her career studying fashion design at Raffles Design Institute of Fashion Design in Kuala Lumpur. Upon graduating, Jinn had the opportunity to work in design for some of the famous ready-to-wear fashion brand for more than 10 years and also 8 years of experience in Bespoke Bridal Gown Design. The invaluable experience gained from working within these few design houses inspired Jinn to fulfill her lifelong dream and launch her eponymous line, JINN WU.

In 2014, Jinn founded a bridal gown brand name VOILA!, with a mission to develop personalized bridal gowns & evening gowns which is simple yet elegant. Also been featured recently as Top 10 Wedding Gown specialist in Kuala Lumpur.


Jinn Wu Original

The next designer that captured my attention was  Sposa by Ela Pacyna.  Everyone knows I am smitten by a little bling and color.   And Ela had both and a bubbly personality to go with it.  So as I tried to rush through the collection to meet the other vendors, I found it more and more difficult to just do a quick walk through.   I was quite fascinated by the collection and knew that many of our brides would thoroughly enjoy this designers vision.

Elzabieta Pacyna, finds her inspiration from all areas in life, her passion for traveling, the arts,  and desire for cultural diversity is the motivating factor behind her brand.  Which explains the flair in her collection with the details you will find in each carefully designed piece.   This Polish born beauty excelled in her schooling winning awards and is now living her dreams of becoming an internationally recognized designer that bring her clients joy.

While the collection still aims to keep with the princess, ball gown feel, there seems to be a little edge that sort of gives it a modern spin with some of its shorter pieces that will make our modern brides the perfect audience for this brand.

So you’ve selected your dress, shoes and one thing left is your veil or crown.   Give me a grown any day of the week.   After seeing Viktoria Novak’s collection of crowns made for a queen, there was no question about what I would recommend for my queens.  Vikoria Novak is a renowned designer, leading bridal and special occasion couture milliner to be specific.    Each of her pieces are uniquely designed, hand crafted with the best quality finishing in the most luxurious materials.

This collection “Pale Empress” is inspired by Royalty And Opulence, French Parisian Chic, Transcending A modern Regal Goddess and Evoking the feel of the yesteryear in a haunting beautiful way.

Given that her design philosophy is that of creativity and individuality it only makes sense that each piece is as unique as the queen that wears her pieces.  Very impressive and regal are my description of these work of art.  I’ll leave it to you now to come up with your own description when you make your trip to visit these extraordinary artists.


While many of you will say you want something different, a statement maker, the question remains, how many of you will be bold enough to take the leap of actually executing it.   How many of you will actually look for something new, fresh and innovative for your wedding day?   The choice will always be yours, but we just want to introduce you to some statement makers.


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