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What’s in your makeup bag?

As you prepare for your wedding one of the key things to look for is a makeup artist.  How does one go about finding one that knows products, and proper skin tones?

Well if time permits you can schedule testing or trail sessions with recommended artists.  But that can be costly as they all may charge a fee for trails pending you book them for your wedding, which then the fee gets incorporated into the cost of your day of service.

Or you can go the old fashion way and go to your favorite makeup counter and take a chance with one of their artists and buy the products that they are selling, that often times stay right in your makeup draw until your next point of purchase.

Or the more practical way maybe go to your favorite drug store and buy some of your favorite magazines and see what they have to say about your skin type, find out what is the new hot trends in the beauty world.

This week our hot pick is Maybelline.  Known for their ability to master the art of eyelashes.  They are nothing to sleep on when it comes to cosmetics either.  A must try is their new mineral makeup collection. You may want to get to your share of beauty picks rather quickly.

My favorite thus far are Dream Liquid Mousse, Mineral Power-finishing veil powder, Mineral power-Naturally Luminous Blush, Expert Wear Eyeshadow, Great Lash Big Mascara,  Color Sensational lipstick…

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