Tips On Staying Fit As A Couple


When we are single somehow we have plenty of time and motivation to be in shape. And when we are in love, we tend to lose this drive, and rather go for romantic dinners, watch a movie on the sofa or stay in bed during the weekend. Slowly, but surely, this lifestyle will have an effect on our stamina and shape.

Steven Wilson, celebrity trainer is sharing his guidance how to stay fit together as a couple. Here are some easy ways to spend quality time together and motivate each other.


  • ROMANTIC DINNERS: You don’t have to say goodbye to the restaurants, but you need to be moderate and don’t eat too late. But choose light cuisine (e.g Japanese) or healthy options from the menu. 1-2 glass of dry red wine also permitted and does good for your metabolism.

  • MIND YOUR FOOD AT HOME: Forget processed food, and don’t buy tempting, unhealthy food at home. Cooking with your darling is a lot of fun, you can be creative, and discover new tastes together. It does not take a long time to grill some meat or prepare some delicious salad (without sauce!). You can also pre-cook for the week, when you are busy, so you will always find some healthy meals in your fridge and freezer.

  • Steven’s secret weapon: DETOX twice a year, when you only take freshly squeezed fruit and veggie juices for 3 days. It’s a great relief for the body & mind, and doing it together gives the motivation to complete it!


  • GET UP FROM THE SOFA: Did you know that doing new things together as a couple ignites the same circuit as does falling in love? So it’s time to start enrol for a dance class, biking or hiking on the weekends. Planning your vacation? Do active holidays, it will be more memorable than laying on the beach.

  • SWEAT WITH YOUR SWEETIE: Organize exercise date nights, to relase feel-good endorphines and bring you closer to eachother. Doing sport together, gives the extra motivation you need, when you are tired. There are so many things you can do in tandem, such as running, raquet sports (tennis, badminton), water sports (swimming, kayaking), yoga or work-out in a gym. Spice it up with some competitions, where the loser cooks the (healthy) dinner!

  • Steven’s secret weapon: Incorporate full squats, lunges, pull ups and appropriate weight training in your work-out routine, as these movements increase testosterone, which impacts positively the libido. No need to explain the positive effects of the night sessions 😉

Finally here are some easy exercises you can do at home together if you have 15 minutes:

1. Tandem push up & high five: Install in full push-up position, facing the partner. After the first push up, give a high five to your darling. Do 3*15, alternating sides.


2. Sit up and kiss: Lay on the floor, your partner holding your feet on the ground. At each sit up you get a kiss as a reward! Do 3*20 repetitions.


3. Tandem squat: Stand in front of eachother and grasp the forearms with fully extended arms. Do 3*10 squats, holding each for 5 seconds.


4. Stretch: Sit in wide-legged straddle position and grasp the hands of your partner. When he leans back, he draws the shoulder blades together as you bend forward at the hips. Try to hold it for 30 seconds then switch.

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