How to Deal with Your In-Laws

Most people struggle with in-law issues on some level; you might feel like your in-laws don’t accept you or they’re overly critical and intrusive. Having difficulties with your in-laws doesn’t mean that you’re in an unhealthy relationship, also it doesn’t reflect how your fiancé values your relationship.

So, you are wondering, how to get along with your future in-laws and how to handle challenging situations by avoiding confrontation. You will realize it won’t be easy to build bridges and it will take time and effort to make it happen.

Establish your footing in the family

You are becoming part of a new family and hopefully you want to embrace them, to create strong bonds and to forge a meaningful relationship. In my case, it was tense and fragile especially with my mother-in-law; she always tried to dissuade my fiancé from being with me, she barely tolerate my presence. To be honest, I still got some painful memories from my wedding preparations, but everything changed after that. Thank God, I found a way to rise above my mother- in-law’s behavior, and with my fiancé help, I didn’t let her affect my mood or my spirit with toxic ideas.

The valuable positive thing I have learned, when it comes to establishing relationships with future in-laws is to have realistic expectations of one another. Don’t expect they will have a welcoming and friendly attitude.

Be the best version of yourself

Your in-laws need to get to know the real you, when you meet them in special occasion or during holidays, be respectful, kind and develop more empathy and understanding toward them; you can become the best, most genuine version of yourself.

Remember to be patient and be nice no matter how stressful the situation seems to be.

Respect their traditions or culture

Never be close-minded if your new in-laws have certain traditions, learn the culture and find a way to incorporate in some aspect of your daily life. By accepting their traditions, it shows respect and also how much you love their son and embrace their family.

Take deep breaths.

When you are about to reach a breaking point, you might take a break to breathe. Find a quiet spot to meditate or even go for a walk. While breathing, focus on the positive aspects of your in-laws — such as “they truly love our children” — and remind yourself that you can’t control or change them.

Your in-laws are important to your partner, and they will be part of your life.


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