The Legacy of The St. Regis Hotel

The story of the St. Regis is a fine tale and completely captivating.   Socialite John Jacob Astor, is the visionary behind the St. Regis Hotel which proudly sits on the corner of 5th Avenue and 55th Streets- mere steps from De Beers Diamonds, and Central Park. We all are very much aware of the symbolism that fills each boutique and restaurant along this magnificent mile that captivates our imagination and interest. However, what if far more captivating is the story of the Astor family and their legendary lifestyle and expansive parties. Their invitations were sent to the preverbal who’s who on the Registry lists.

The St. Regis is the quintessential example of quality and class. The days of fine crystal and exquisite florals still provide an elegant backdrop for those with the most discerning tastes. Today personal service is the most sought after service and is the is still the standard .

I was very curious as a young girl, observing this magnificent structure and the family that created it. And what makes some people understand how to build a legacy. Does it all rely on unwavering ambition and very hard work and what they did to have their legacy live on even after death.  I have always been intrigued by the desire for so many to spend so much on what we call the basics in life, food and shelter.  Why was it so important to belong to the right circle, what did it represent?

As you walk down the streets of Manhattan’s 5th Avenue, and look at the brilliant structures that attract people from all over the world it is the love of history and the fascinating history of the elite. For those of you who watch modern movies such as Gossip Girls, Devil Wears Prada to name a few, that have been filmed in the grand space of the St. Regis Hotel.  It is those movies that continues to keep those legacies alive and for many, accessible.

We are sending out these special notice to remind us of those wonderful places that are part of American history that continues to live on.  We invite you to visit the St. Regis and dine in its legendary restaurants.  The beautifully decor space begins from the entrance of the hotel, to the lobby, its great gift shop, to its bar.  You are greeted by the doorman and from there begins the experience.   Once you can get passed the elegantly designed  lobby, every request will be handled with loving care by each and every staff member.    The suites are magnificent and  we highly recommend their   honeymoon suites; all of which were  designed by several of our favorite brand names Dior, Bentley, Tiffany are by far the attractions to the hotel.  But make no mistake the others spaces are well worth your time and investment.

The St. Regis is a dream built on aspiration and hard work. John Astor amassed his wealth and legacy after leaving his home in Germany with his beloved wife. Their mutual respect, trust and love for each other brought them to the America’s where they built their names and become one of the most wealthiest families and true empires their love and legacy is the very essence of this hotel and  what can will become a part of your history when you host your wedding at St. Regis.

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