Sicilian Wedding: Angelica&Entony

Once upon a time, men used to woo the woman they liked. Today, this is no longer the rule. The roles have reversed; compared to some years ago, we still find some romantic men making the first step, but it’s no longer weird to hear a story in which the woman makes the first move. That’s the story of Angelica and Entony, a young couple who were recently married in Palermo (Sicily), after 7 years together. Their story will make you fall in love with Sicily and Sicilians, so get ready!

Angelica is a beautiful, funny, fresh mixed woman of Italian and Philippine origins, while Entony (Antonio) is Sicilian, who began his career in the military and today he is a policeman.
“In Italy we are reminded of the end of the Italian Civil War and the end of Nazi occupation on April 25th Liberation Day; I will remember this day for another reason, it’s the day I met my husband. Actually I was the only one to meet my future husband, literally, cause he had not even noticed me that day while we were celebrating in one of our mutual friend’s home. Oddly, a couple of weeks later we met again and he reintroduced himself. I was one of his sister’s best friends, so I asked her for her brother’s number.” – Angelica says.
Their relationship wasn’t easy, they started living in the same city in Sicily, but after few years Entony had to move to northern Italy for his career. “I tried many times to move to with him, but it wasn’t easy with my job in Sicily. So, one day, I just moved there.” – Angelica says.
Women, let’s be honest, Angelica is the perfect example of how right it is to take risks in the name of love, and we love it. She moved to Entony and got a new job in a short time. And after a while… “I asked her to marry me; while we were on vacation in Sicily, Monte Pellegrino. The view from that mountain is spectacular, you can see the whole city and our beautiful sea, the best place to get away from the hustle and to relax. I asked her if she was happy in that beautiful place with me, she said yes. So, I said I would love to see her happy for the rest of her life, and I asked her to become my wife” – Entony said.
The man you love kneels in front of you opening a box with a ring inside and with that view? Every woman’s dream. Less than 1 year later,

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Angelica and Entony celebrated their wedding in a romantic location. “The choice was easy; we were in Palermo, the regional capital of Sicily, its strength is the sea, so we had no doubt, we chose a beautiful location called Circolo della Vela, in front of the sea, to celebrate the wedding reception and the wedding ceremony at the Cathedral, arabo- norman UNESCO patrimony” – Angelica says.
Sicily has a cultural heritage with Churches and Cathedrals located in Palermo, Monreale and Cefalù, Sicily a collection of rare examples of a socio-cultural mix of Western, Islamic and Byzantine cultures, that give life to an extraordinary concept of space, structure and amazing appointments that make Sicily a must in your destination’s list.

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“Even the wedding service photography is wonderful thanks to the special locations: we chose Villa Giulia, Barcarello and maybe the most famous of them all Teatro Massimo, the biggest opera house in Italy and one of the largest in Europe, that opened in 1897” – Entony says.
Celebrating your wedding in a place like this is fast becoming your dream, right? We agree. Sicily is enchanting, full of history, great for vacation or a memorable honeymoon location.

So, what about Angelica and Entony’s honeymoon? “We live in Italy, we love our country, but of course we are open-minded. We chose to visit something new for our honeymoon, we chose a cruise to Caribbean and had a great time! We climbed Ocho Rios’ Falls in Jamaica, we went to Cayman Island and Nassau, Bahamas, to snorkel in the coral reefs. We will never forget those places.” – Angelica says.

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We love this couple; even under 30 years of age, they have a perfect mix between tradition and modern. They celebrated their special day with only their families and few important friends. It seems that every decision was made with sober and elegant ideas with a little touch of their youthful style and spirit in what they did. “The wedding reception started with a dance. Yes, me and my wife arrived to the place dancing, the music started when we walked into the restaurant and we started moving in a hip hop style, of course all choreographed to details by Angelica” – Entony says.
“His family and some of their friends were surprised, they have never seen Entony dance. My friends? They know me very well, they had thought I would do something like that without even knowing it! We also gave Chinese lanterns to our guests, according to tradition the bride and groom should write a desire on it and make a wish, it was beautiful to see all the lanterns flying through the sky, it was very special to us and our guests liked it a lot.” – Angelica says.


An inspiration for all, Angelica and Entony have the right values and an open mind to stay young. They look at marriage as the right choice, a key step almost dutiful to start their life together in the truest way, to give themselves to one another for the rest of their lives. We like them, we like their concept of love and of marriage and we wish them the best for their future together, full of happiness and “with a lot of babies!” (as they said!)



Photographer: Sergio Milone

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