Make Your Honeymoon Sizzle Sexy Argentina

By Dave Wise





Not everyone enjoys being half naked on a beach for their entire honeymoon, so with an urgency and passion, we sweep you off to Argentina.

Being the origins of arguably the sexiest dance on the planet, the Tango, Argentina has so much to offer a couple seeking to spend their new beginnings around all things beautiful. From its humble immigrant beginnings to the gangster frequented brothels to what we know today, the Tango blends male sexuality and the surrendered female form. Ultimately delivering a dance that is erotically charged and completely immersive to watch. Some would say it’s voyeurism with clothes and an all-consuming rhythm.




For the rest of the world, Argentina is noted for its first lady, Eva Perón, both beautiful and intelligent—filled with passion. Unfortunately taken from her people at the tender age of 33 by cancer. Her spirit definitely lives on; upon visiting her adopted home of Buenos Aires, you will find her presence is everywhere. It is said that Eva first travelled to Buenos Aires with the Tango singer Agustin Magaldi, but this is just conjecture. We suspect that her unfaltering passion drove the invention of this rumor. Decades after her passing and the streets are littered with shops and stalls of memorabilia. With a visit to the Eva Perón museum by the Botanical Gardens, you can see and feel that passion in person.

When you’ve had your fill of the bustle of Buenos Aires and you’re looking for somewhere to unwind. Forget the beach, Argentina has yet more to offer. The awe inspiring Iguazú falls will leave you breathless, the falls are banked by both Brazil and Argentina, but Argentina claims most of the falls and Iguazú City is only 25 kilometers from the airport, making it very easy to get to. Access through the Argentine side is via the Rainforest Ecological Train, which takes you to the entrance of Devil’s Throat. There are also boat services that will take you right into the falls themselves. The falls are impressive, even more so when you know that Eleanor Roosevelt exclaimed “poor Niagara” when she first laid eyes upon them.



So you’ve seen and experienced the warmth, passion and power of Argentina, lest not forget, if you travel south into Santa Cruz Province you will be greeted by the Perito Moreno Glacier. This is one of only three glaciers in Patagonia that is still growing. It benefits from a large visitor centre and there are tours ranging from one to five hours.

So you may want to check with your travel expert and leave your worries behind as you make your way to total ecstasy.



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