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In today’s society women are expressing themselves showing love for their bodies. An accept me as I am, love the skin you’re in declaration of self-love. I had the chance to catch up with Boudoir Photographer Nomi Ellenson and discuss the power of self-love and owning your sexuality! When Nomi began to focus on  the niche genre of Boudoir she didn’t realize that this was taboo.  She just thought that she’d never heard of it? From her very first photography class she always loved photographing lingerie. She was connected to it through her great grandmother who was a lifelong bra fitter. While developing her commercial fashion portfolio she would always dress models in lingerie since it was fashion that she was raised on. In 2013 when she discovered there was in fact a genre focusing on lingerie Boudoir photography was a perfect fit! It also engaged with the body-positive message that she feels is so vital at this moment in society.

Nomi empowers women by allowing them to celebrate their own body and the power that has on life is immeasurable. She does it because she likes to focus on helping her clients discover for themselves that they are beautiful just as they are in that vulnerable moment. Loving the skin, you’re in comes from an inside place. Instead of focusing on how much you weigh and your size, she thinks its important to start focusing on what your body CAN do (allow you to exercise, hug your significant other or family…. One of her favorite lines about boudoir photography is “If it isn’t fun, I don’t know what is.” A boudoir photo shoot is like the best play date! From the moment you walk into the salon for hair and makeup we have a glass of Prosecco awaiting your arrival and music to set the mood! No one has to worry about poses or facial expressions because she coaches them through the entire process, even demonstrating poses herself.

Nomi is all about inclusion and has even included men in the world of Boudoir Photography she refers to it as “Dudeoir,” which she says is an absolute blast. Everyone deserves special photos that allow them to celebrate themselves. These photos happen during a couple shoot where photos are taken of the couple together and then individually. One of her career highlights thus far was a “Dudeoir” video she did for Cosmopolitan which was based on a Seinfeld episode where the character George has a photo shoot. The craziest photo shoot was of a woman giving birth! She was blown away from seeing the strength that is required of a woman’s body to give birth and amazed to see biology at work. It was a life-altering experience in terms of how she views the woman’s body.

When asked what advice she gives to women scared to embrace their curves and who want to have a boudoir moment she said, “GO FOR IT!” She says with lots of confidence that she has witnessed the most skeptical, insecure person end up being very happy with their experience and their photos. For couples, grooms are always in awe of the boudoir photos. Repeatedly grooms tell her how grateful they are to have photos that show their now wife celebrating her body! In my opinion celebrating you in all your phenomenal womanly glory it’s what is all about!


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