To Register or Not: Slowdance says Yes!

After 15 years of listening to her Fete clients describe the registry process an uninspiring – a cookie cutter approach to zap guns and checklists with little imagination and no personalized service founder Jung Lee created Slowdance. Her team started experimenting with ways to improve the process and found that, just like wedding planning, registering with a professional (Registry Designer as they call them at Slowdance) alleviated the pain of the process and more importantly, dramatically improving the end results. At Slowdance, the start by gaining a deeper understanding of the couples’ taste and lifestyle. With this information, they carefully curate a collection of products they will love and that will last them a lifetime.
At Slowdance they believe the registry in the most important part of wedding planning (next to finding your spouse of course!) Jung feels strongly that the registry is not just about fungible things like exercise classes or a dinner for two-instead it should be a collection of products that are everlasting and form the foundation for the home and life that the couple will build together. Their style quiz came about from years of working with couples gaining a deeper understanding of their taste and how they live. The quiz is a slice of that process. Items on Slowdance registry are gifts and treasures that couples will use in their everyday lives and special occasions for years to come- from morning coffee while reading the paper, entertaining friends over cocktails, or hosting family for the holidays. Your home is a sacred space in this crazy world…utilizing a wedding registry is the perfect opportunity to fill your personal space with fantastic mementos from your friends and family.

What makes Slowdance different from the average bridal registry? So many things…but most importantly it is the first and only curated wedding registry. Every couple has a Registry Designer that works with them to curate their perfect registry. This service is offered at no cost to couples either in-store or over the phone and email. Think of them as your personal stylist but for your home. Registry designers get to intimately know each couple- what their style is, where they like to vacation, favorite restaurants and how they like to entertain. From the knowledge, they gain they create a collection of items that are unique to the couple. They love and encourage mixing and matching brands, patterns, price points, and styles to put together a one-of-a-kind registry. Their Registry designer guides couples every step of the way – and they always make it fun!

Necessities can be different for every couple. Slowdance team tries to think about what is important for each couple based on their taste and lifestyle. Here are a few things they always think about when designing a registry:
Elevate your everyday experiences: Every breakfast isn’t going to be served on fine china. But serving yourself that first cup of coffee in the morning in a spectacular vessel is a great way to start the morning. Mixing in high-end pieces into your daily routine can make any moment a little more unique and specials. For example; if take-out sushi is your perfect date night, register for beautiful plates and little dishes for soy sauce turning those quick dinners into a fantastic moment for you two to share. 

You should entertain and often: Hosting and creating experiences with family and friends in your home is so important. Your registry should make that fun and easy. They always recommend great serving pieces, trays and accessories to have on hand ready when the occasion arises to entertain. 

Great Registries are balanced with The Timeless & The Timely: Your registry should contain a mix of things that delight you today and decades from now: a few of-the-moment pieces mixed with beautiful classics just like an eclectic art collection. 

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