The True Art of Nails by The Nail Deity

Brooklyn Nail Designer Gillian McClarence known as The Nail Deity always knew that she wanted to take a more artistic route to her career. Her mother wanted her to be a nurse but after attending college she quickly realized that the knowledge that she craved couldn’t be taught in school. She always had an affinity for doing her friends nails in college and always received compliments and encouraged to pursue her passion. One day while walking from school she saw a black manicurist and her push and drive to become a nail artist was born.
I recently saw a marble design that Gill created, and it inspired me to reach out to her for this story. The nails were a perfect replica of marble with imperfect inflections of color and design it was magnificent! She said it was one her favorites as well. She approached nail design depending on the request of the client and having creative freedom is always a bonus. Her inspiration is also drawn from other artists not in the nail world like @artbasel. I asked if she feels like the art of nails is dying or slowing down? With her customers and the changing acceptance of urban culture it’s becoming more prevalent especially with stars like Cardi B putting so much emphasis on their nails. There are always new nail artists emerging and showcasing their talent. Manicures are a must in various careers having a polished look there will always be jobs for nail artists.
Brides more and more are stepping outside the box and not doing the age old standard French manicure. It’s a more modern updated classic look with nudes or pink polishes and adding appliques like lace mimicking designs in bridal gowns. Other bridal favorites include Swarovski crystals and techniques like sugaring creating textured nail designs. Some of the biggest trends in nails are color jelly nails. Most of her clientele tend to follow trends so she stays current as to what is on trend and being current in the latest styles.
The future is only looking brighter for The Nail Deity. She sees herself owning her own full-service salon and spa offering a variety of services and products. The goal is to have her clients walk-in and leave with the works having a total transformation body experience. Everything is better in Brooklyn look for Gillian on Instagram @thenaildeity to get your nails transformed into a work of art!

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