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Lisa always had an interest in art; she loves how art is revered and how it is created, specifically drawn artwork. She remembers drawing a picture that she saw in a magazine once from memory. She was 11 years old and it was so cool to see how excited everyone was with her creation! She continued to draw years later even being voted class artist in high school and being accepted to art school in Chicago. Other interests, namely the pursuit of law took her down another path.

Photography was a bit of an accidental career path. Lisa took a photography/darkroom class way back in high school and had forgotten about photography and everything that makes it amazing. In 2009, she borrowed her brothers Sony Cyber-Shot DSC point-and-shoot camera at that point a whole new world opened for her and Lisa Brown Photo was born.

A big part of the wedding story in what photographers capture to commemorate the big day. Those moments that even the couple don’t realize are cemented in time to relive for years to come. Lisa’s style of photography is fun and playful. She encompassed more of a natural and photo-journalistic feel. Ultimately, she captures the couple’s story as it unfolds: the quiet moments, stunning details, unique personalities. The result is classic shots seen in a fresh new way!

Lisa loves capturing the unexpected moments, for example; with pets’ beings such a big part in weddings nowadays they are a part of the couples’ family. In one of my weddings, the couples’ dog wore a tuxedo and found himself part of the groomsmen pictures. Must have photos are those of elders. They are the foundation of one’s family and deserve a place in celebrating one of the most important days of your life. Some moments that are best left for the visual memories are those of guests eating food those are a NO GO! Lol.
The wedding isn’t just about the wedding day there are many events leading up to it like the engagement party, bachelor/bachelorette party, engagement photos and rehearsal dinner. Lisa considers herself a wedding and lifestyle photographer, simply because there are so many things in life that garner a celebration. Whether it’s a wedding, graduation or birthday- life is meant to be cherished and celebrated in every aspect.

Being a photographer allows Lisa to live in the moment, which many of us don’t do because we are so busy. The world is incredibly fast-paced and fickle, the opportunity to slow down and take life in as it happens often escapes us. She loves that her job is to slow life down with one click!

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