Getting married in France during COVID-19

Today, it is possible to marry religiously and civilly if the new measures of the Government are respected.

At the town hall, the number of people is limited to 30 (depending on the capacity), note that the gathering can only take place until 6 p.m. due to the establishment of the national curfew, by wearing masks and respecting social distancing. We nevertheless note a clear improvement when it comes to compliance with these measures. As for places of worship, it would be allowed, provided that two seats are left free between each person or family entity, as well as every other row occupied. In recent months, the onset of the coronavirus pandemic has unexpectedly affected the wedding plans and honeymoon preparations of many couples.

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With the health situation constantly evolving, it is now difficult to plan well in advance. It is true that a large part of the weddings planned for 2020 have already been postponed, it is not impossible that they will be it a second time. The person in charge of each city which in France is a mayor (Le Maire ou madame le Maire for a woman) has all the power to decide whether or not to celebrate weddings. The epidemic spreads differently from one region to another and from one city to another. Nevertheless, a new trend is setting up, our pretty couples opt more for more intimate weddings, type elopment. As this is celebrated in a small group, logistically it is much better than a traditional wedding, even if it has to be prepared in advance. The decor serves as decoration, so simplicity is the key word. You can also focus on what really pleases you, on the essentials.

Meet in a lavender field in Provence or at the foot of the Eiffel Tower in Paris for photoshoot. Wearing a mask is compulsory in the streets. We must also pay attention to the time since there is a curfew at 6 p.m. Unless you celebrate the evening in a family home or your property for example. And provided that all the guests remain on site after the curfew until the next day. In France at a wedding we usually party until the early hours of the morning so the night goes by quickly.

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The honeymoon symbolizes romance for the new couple who plan to rest after preparing for their wedding for several months. In this new context, it can reveal an uncertain character and leave to wonder, create doubt about its good progress being made. Honeymoon trips to the end of the world have always been the dream of many couples. Our beautiful France could well surprise more than one! France has always been a trendy destination with foreign tourists. With so many having to postpone their visits to our beautiful regions to later dates, some may have been forced to visit other countries.

At present, bars, restaurants, museums, cinemas, theaters, and … remain closed. Everything that makes the charm and the culture of our magnificent country. While currently, it may not be accessible today, yet, know that we can’t wait to receive our foreign friends again to celebrate your wedding or your honeymoon.

Great news! It is slowly becoming possible to find original and easily accessible destinations in our vast territory. It is therefore not impossible to plan a wedding during this pandemic, but it will require you to work with a professional and for you to be patient for a certain date and for the recommended privacy for social distancing sake.

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The period of pause allows you to take the time to find the right providers to organize this event as intimate as it is. Plan your budget which is very important, for your reception venues, the caterer, and the DJ. Your priorities must be reorganized: the bride and groom’s outfit, for example, or stationery, dishes, flowers. Even if you chose to produce the reception in a private home, it is nevertheless important to make this place elegant. You should not compromise in your aesthetics.

We have some sound tips for providers, wedding professionals in France for whom the current situation has been complicated.

Questions must be asked and answered:

Where in France are you planning the wedding for your client?

What are the rules of that specific providence?

How many people will be in attendance?

How many vendors will you require?

During these challenging times, we should not be taking risks with our client’s safety or that of our own staff. But we at Wedding District along with our team stand ready to create the most amazing experience for all our clients and their guests.

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