Finding Solace In Giving Back, Couture Bridal House Kosibah Gives Back To New Yorkers In Need

We are in the middle of what would be wedding season.  Countless brides were scheduled and are still scheduled to get married–now even if some states have released them from quarantine, the question still remains, who will attend the wedding in such strenuous circumstances.

It is not only the couples and their family that has been affected by this pandemic–small business owners, with families, have also been impacted.  Our designers are the hardest hit in my opinion, who’s shopping with nowhere to go.

For many designers, they have not taken this lightly.  They have jumped into action supporting the first responders among others serving those in need.  I caught up with Yemi Osunkoya, Nigerian-British born Bridal Couture, and Eveningwear designer, now based in New York City.



Yemi was due to release his long-awaited ready-to-wear collection this past April during NYFW Bridal.  Covid-19 shut that down.  But he quickly pivoted and partnered with Founder Kelly Hall-Tompkins, solo-violinist, founder of Music Kitchen, an organization that brings classical music to the homeless shelters, they both decided that a partnership would serve so many during our times of need.  As the governor and mayor made their announcement that masks will be required.  They knew there would be some in need of them with no access. They jumped into action.

As we walk through the streets, we could not help but count the number of people without masks that probably would not have chosen to do so but because of circumstance simply can’t obtain them. All stores require you to wear a mask.  NO MASK, NO ENTRANCE.
So who would be the recipients of this amazing act of thoughtfulness? The homeless, the other vulnerable group that has always been faced with some measure of crisis prior to COVID-19.  The constant challenge those who are homeless have had to face can be overwhelming, now they are increasingly becoming insurmountable.
While we are encouraged to stay home and only go out if you are an essential worker.  When we do go out it is important that we protect ourselves and wear the proper gear not only for our selves but to protect those vulnerable around us.
So staying healthy is no longer something you can do alone– it is our moral obligation to protect those around us.
Make your home your safe haven if you are blessed to have one.  And if you can help those who are in need of the basics we may take for granted.
To support the cause of masks donations, buy one and one gets donated by Music Kitchen and Kosibah Couture please contact



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