Flowers From Paris Courtesy of La Métamorphose At Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture

Flowers are synonyms flowers so it is truly refreshing to see this collection. We need so

The flowers of rebirth and renewal bloom in the tropical garden of La Métamorphose for this spring-summer 2021 couture collection.

Light, airy, delicate dresses in which silk, chiffon, and embroidered tulles mingle; hand-cut petals embellish the shoulders of the evening gowns. The colors are frank, assumed, like the desire to return to recklessness and sweet summer dreams. Like an outbreak, we go from pastel blue to nude pink, to powder violet, then come fuchsia and royal blue, a symbol of rebirth. An assuredly joyful and romantic collection. The collection is made only with fabrics made in France, Ewa, and Margaret, the designers, once again underline their attachment to France and to French know-how. The final touch of the collection is the flower organza wedding dress, worn in two versions: a closed flower that opens up thanks to a silk belt and transforms into a long dress. The dress required 100 hours of modeling and 4 weeks of assembly, petal by petal in order to give the result of a blooming flower. Each petal is glazed and strass embroidered in order to give the illusion of the white rose wet by the morning.

Where ever you choose to have your wedding, big or small– savor every moment.

Please remember to smell the flowers during these times. Love from Paris:

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