The Intent of Submission

Can you as a woman follow the lead of your man? This is a question that can only be answered by the reader specifically. Maybe a dive into your current status or a survey of your previous relationships be a clue as to where you are in the loveless triangle.

There is a resilience within the woman that has been etched in our DNA. Women have been triumphant in tackling many systems of injustice worldwide. We have been blessed with the aptitude and intuition to govern and serve all those around us. These accomplishments do not come without great acknowledgment. We are phenomenal and that is not what is up for debate here.  However, should these accomplishments outshine our overwhelmingly obvious problem? Too many women while out conquering the world have forgotten how to compliment the man. The same man that they are in need of to partner with.

Have we alienated ourselves from being women who are able to submit to a man of healthy mindset and leadership? Better yet let me ask what is the role of a man? Often we can script the role of women but let’s us script the role of our desired man. Do we not want men who are disciplined and sacrificial? Leaders in their community as well as the home. A man who is of this level is a prominent and necessary factor in the life of woman who can follow.

The words submission and follow can be hard for women to swallow. In many arenas when the topic of submission is touched on tension arises. The words submission and compliment are not curses meant to belittle the woman. We define our narratives based on our experiences. Therefore let’s attach a new narrative so we may garner a new experience. Let us choose to be an aid rather than fill his mind with more noise.

Try this exercise by yourself or with a group of your best friends. Define the man you want for yourself. Next, ask yourself are you a compliment to that man, or do you alienate men of this caliber? I am sure the answers will reveal if you are a woman who is able to sustain the life she truly desires.

Submission does not make void an independent women. In all actuality it enhances the woman who knows how to use her power. She becomes arsenal for her man in the fight he will encounter in the world daily. My plight is not to put down any woman but to elevate her thinking to another level, a whole new experience. Hopefully to the level of a healthy relationship followed by a strong healthy marriage. You know the motto here, we grow wiser when we share. This is our space to grow stronger together. Comment below I am so curious to know what your thoughts are on this matter.

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