Misconceptions of Happiness

P​ersonally speaking well-being is simply wellness. Wellness of mind body and spirit. It is being balanced in all three areas. Unification of these specific areas builds a belief system. This becomes stronger than striving for happiness which is fleeting and not living a balanced life. The reality is there is life and death, a flow between good and not so good. The happiness factor becomes an attitude once the beliefs are cemented. It is a byproduct of being balanced in those areas. The word balance means for agreeance. I am in full agreeance in mind body spirit. Marriage and relationship should be rooted in this principle.

Often times traveling to various parts around the globe I always found myself in complete peace; true happiness. With the only goal of the days ahead being exploration, immersion in culture. The strain of “wanting” only overwhelmed me when I would return to my home country, where dreams are made–America. For the many of us that are consumed by the desire to be happy yet never fully reaching it is quite daunting. We are sucked into a vacuum of filtered lives and fairytales that attach happiness to material gains luxury goods of all kinds. We live in a society that is fueled by the notion of the American Dream. Financial class and societal ranks are the day’s importance. Everyone is searching for greener grass. There is an infamous meme that has been shared around the world depicting the person who walks and desires the bike. The bike rider desiring a car. The car rider desiring the simplicity of taking a nice walk. In today’s world, the grass always seems to be greener on the other side. The paradox is it never really is. 

What I have come to learn is that happiness is a vailed illusion. Our desires should not be in things that are of no substance no value, objects that can be consumed in fire. Perhaps we should be setting our eyes on a new vision that far surpasses our appetites for mere trinkets. The old dream was an illusion and these pandemic years I hope would have allowed us to ripen our views on what is important. Experiences however last forever whether good or bad we never seem to forget the moments. The old dream only afforded us work without rest for material gains we seldom enjoyed. In our commitment to fortify this new dream let us hold firmly to creating experiences, savoring moments that will bring years of enjoyment. Passing down to each generation our experiences allowing them to have identity and resources for the paths they walk or are soon to walk. The gift of each generation is to correct and leave behind for the next actual tools that teach more than survival but strengthen them in kindness, forgiveness, appreciation, humor and spiritual maturity. We are all responsible to create this level of happiness.  

Have the discussion with your partners evaluate and assess for yourselves what misconceptions about marriage and the idea of happiness are you experiencing. Then change the system by which you are governing your relationships. At any moment we are able to change it begins with thought followed by action. It’s our existence and we can choose to make it a grand one. As always we love to hear from our WeWednesdays community. Share your thoughts

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