Is Love The Goal?

In my humble opinion Love is- full stop. If love is, then the goal of all relationships becomes what? Originally I had the mind to reduce this article to the goal of marriage alone. After much consideration all relationships no matter the nature all follow a timeline. Relationships = process, trust, love, submission. Let’s begin at the source. Since this is a bridal magazine, then let’s begin at the alter. Standing in front of the officiate we bring our unions before God. I want to believe that we do this not for tradition sake but also because we know that we are unable to sustain ourselves and desire His covering over the union. We are looking for God to be involved in our relationship because we trust His guidance. At least this is the thought until we get to the part of process.

For many of us the process from point A to point B is a hard feat. The word process is indicative of stages necessary to breakdown a material or to preserve it. Take for example an olive from which we get a variety of uses one being oil. Olive oil being the result of process first begins as an olive that has been cleaned. Once it is free from stems etc., then grinded into paste, lastly separation of oil from water and solubles. We enjoy the fruit of that process which is oil for our hair, food, medicines. Imagine now for every purchase of oil that we had to wait the same amount of time it took to process the olive. The purchase for olive oil would decrease immensely. This is because most people are not keen on what going through process really entails. Liken this example to our every day lives. We want it all but very few are willing to work hard, suffer through long days filled with rejection and being overlooked. There are so many variables that we could apply here. The process sheds us from intentions that stifle good character, jaded mindsets that are not ready for the life that we keep saying we desire. The process corks the cracks for some and demolishes the foundation for others. It rebuilds on good ground so that the seeds that we plant are not choked out by internal weeds. 

Most important is trust in the timeline without it nothing will sustain. In relationships believing that the other person has your best interest in mind is the premise for trust. Our trust when we stand before God and one another is our acknowledgment of this idea. 

Love becomes the byproduct of the process and trust. Actually making it to point B and warmth we feel from having placed our trust wisely bud the seeds of love. If we never experience process and trust then we will never get to the highest level of maturity which is submission.

Submission is the quintessential key to the well-being of all relationships. This word over genres and generations has received bad connotation. Let’s reverse the perspective from master over to in servitude toward the goal or desired outcome. In order to see the full picture let us start at the beginning. If love is, then the goal of all relationships becomes in servitude to the desired outcome. The outcome is why submission is the key to success. Success in relationships, business, personal, life in general. When we think on love and marriage, business and family remember that we are not in competition with one another to be anything but only join in corroboration to become. 

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