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The East side bridge available for city views and intimate moments

After a year of loving from a distance and missing the joy of gathering together, you deserve nothing short of experiencing sharing the same space, air, and embrace of your loved ones. New York City is now open again to continue exploring all of its exquisiteness. As World Bride Magazine re-presents its Date Your Spouse Series, we are back to bringing you in-person experiences on where married couples and couples-to-be can reimagine date life, love life, and family life.

The East side bridge available for city views and intimate moments

New York City, known as a concrete jungle, has a spirit of strength clearly seen in its landmark buildings and ornate structures concealing remarkable beauty alluring all those who discover it. It is home to some of the world’s most elegant, enticing, and memorable experiences. It is thee place to celebrate and host your special events. Why not opt for a part of the city’s best-kept secret? One of these hidden beauties true to the city’s description lies in the area of Tudor City. As someone who appreciates exclusivity and loves one-of-a-kind things, I would describe the area as an elevated city within a city; an imperial masterpiece, only accessible by two bridges and staircases; I love that you can’t just stumble upon it.

Classic New York style wedding with stunning views

Tudor city is nestled in the Eastside of 40th to 43rd Streets and 2nd avenue to the FDR Drive. To my surprise, as a native New Yorker, it was pleasant to uncover a rich history, proud community, captivating city views and classy entertainment. In 1926, when Tudor City was being established, the developers and architects had a vision of one of the first, largest, and most important models of a middle-class residential community in New York City. It became the world’s tallest residential skyscraper in its time. The name ‘Tudor’ speaks to the 16th century English and Elizabethan time period and it’s influence on architectural style, design and ornamentation of its buildings. 

Tudor City Towers rooftop

As you look to commence a new life with a loved one or maintain it, let your dining exploration begin in Tudor City. My husband fills my heart while I fulfill his appetite. Haha! The most prized piece of this gem is Tudor City’s restaurant. The Tudor City Steakhouse restaurant is a taste of this city’s living. It represents all that Tudor City’s initial developers envisioned. It maintains the history of the old city of New York and an exquisite charm that continues to satisfy the amusements of both locals and tourists. The pictures in this venue curate the rich and legendary history of Tudor City . As a landmark, all of the details have been preserved and charmingly maintained.

Rightly positioned in the middle of the historic Tudor City complex; made up of the Windsor, Tudor and Prospect Towers, Tudor City steakhouse, according to Lekic, “is a next-generation” dual-level venue that offers versatility no matter your wedding theme or special occasion interests. Its indoor and outdoor dining areas can accommodate up to 250 seated. No matter the party, each dining area thoughtfully represents a unique part of Tudor City’s emergence.

My husband Troy and I, newlyweds, are committed to keeping our date life fresh and fiery. So we decided on a Sunday brunch date at Tudor City Steakhouse restaurant. Our host, Owner, Mirso Lekic (his wife,not present, as event coordinator), received us well and showed us that good old New York hospitality. Top shelf drinks, family-style servings, and conversation that made you feel like family. I loved it! I loved it more that my husband loved it!. This steakhouse restaurant is the allure of this “castle city” as Lekic puts it.

Famously known for its premium prime dry-aged meats, the restaurant rates one of New York City’s top and best steakhouses. The mouthwatering menu boasts of typical shellfish appetizers, salads, burgers, grilled seafood and a surprisingly delightful feature of international influence. The dessert menu is delectable with an elegant presentation.

My husband Troy feels “Tudor city steakhouse is a romantic Oasis in the midst of the bustling New York City, the addition of outdoor seating, proximity to the park and the wonderful views of the East River compile extra amenities to a hidden New York City gem.”

My favorite part of this restaurant’s ambiance is its private garden and east river views, rooftop and parks for intimate moments. The manicured trees and natural greenery transforms outdoor dining into an oasis; making the city truly a “slice of paradise”. It is all things perfect for a New York style wedding without the New York hustle. If you truly want to tell an enchanting New York love story, book the city! This charming city within a city is a place that will make old memories new and new memories cherished and unforgotten.

It’s clearly perceived that the hospitality here is nothing short of warm and welcoming with tailored service and accommodations. Attributes that are familiar to our World Bride readers, who are now carefully selective in making unique choices that can enhance their love and relationships with spouses, families and friends. From engagement parties to weddings to special occasion events, however small or large, Tudor City Steakhouse has both the space and taste to exceed your event needs. With events quickly resuming after a long-awaited return, bookings have begun, so do not wait, book your event today. Our WBM Production Team stand ready to help you plan your next soiree. For more information on Tudor city steakhouse dishes and dining, please visit and be sure to mention WORLDBRIDE MAGAZINE.

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