Do Women Need to Learn Their Place?

What is the women’s place in a relationship? Answering this question for yourself beforehand will shed awareness of your true feelings. My goal with this article is to open up the conversation to another area that we women may take for granted. By now the question should have been answered within yourself.  The role of women in relationships has taken many turns as we champion through women’s empowerment movements and such. Moving from the goal of just being a wife to now holding offices in the White House. We have exclaimed that we are more than childbirth and really can do anything we choose to do. 

In this era, we can wholeheartedly agree that women have made such a stand in the world. Managing homes and boardrooms has become synonymous with the women of this new mindset. With this same mindset mixing it up in the realm of relationships is it plausible to say that women have a hard time putting the “super” down. Is it a discredit for the woman to be a compliment to her man? This idea does not come haphazardly but with great respect to the female — I am a woman. 

However, I believe that it would be remiss of me not to address the alarming rates of divorce and singleness within the black community. For many years I believe that we have had to take on the roles of father and mother. Provider of resources, discipline, love, and structure. Our men have been bared down with societal governances that have stolen or aided in their absence from our homes. There is a new wave of familial structure that is becoming more and more present in today’s society.  A mindset switch has occurred in the minds of men and their presence is not lacking as it once was. Therefore where does this new man fit into the life of a woman who wants to be superwoman and not concede to her man’s lead? 

A majority of women believe that submission or taking the background is a curse rather than a compliment. Do we want men who are leaders and of service in their homes as well as communities? Or do we want sheep? 

Perhaps if we rest our delicate shoulders from carrying the weight many of us would be happier. We would be able to appreciate the qualities of the man that are unfolding right before our eyes. I know for myself I am an independent happily single woman who desires a man who can lead correctly. A man that is not afraid of who I am and knows how to speak into my areas of gifting vice versa. I in turn don’t see anything wrong with submitting to a man of that caliber. The choice is yours however, for the many single black women I believe that we want balance. Our voice within the ear of our spouse should encourage his fight in the world for legacy and respect. We should ascribe to being his peace and sound reason. The level of femininity varies and is personable based on taste, preference, or attraction so that has no value in this conversation. Whether we are single and open or married we should commit to self-discovery in this area. If you are brave enough then ask your partner their opinion. As always let us know what your experience has been we grow wiser and stronger when we share.

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