Gentlemen–You Can Inherent Your Swagger

Gentlemen, it is your wedding day too–so step up your game and own it. We at WBM are well aware that the groom is not often included in the conversation of dress & grooming even though the day also belongs to you.

Historically speaking the wedding day has always made the bride the focus of the occasion, leaving very little for the groom to do but show up. That never sat well with me… I almost felt it set the tone for how little responsibility and accountability we placed upon the groom as a serious equation to the union. So why did and do we still refuse to let the groom be involved with the process of the wedding.

So instead of complaining about it, we decided to do something about it. We created the “WBM’s Gentlemens Quarters”. This section of the magazine will feature some of the industry’s dapper looks, designers, influencers, that will inspire the groom to find his place at his wedding equally to that of his beloved.

We are proud to introduce to the WBM’s Gentlemen’s Quarter– Inherent, founded by the dapper, Taylor Draper. He was first brought to our attention when we were informed about his amazing creation of the capsule collection of the legendary Steve McQueen for INHERENT. The brand is recognized for helping men find a personal style that empowers them to tackle daily life with confidence. The innovative digital menswear line tailors luxury apparel built to inspire authentic self-expression and an open conversation about men’s mental health.

Now, INHERENT is taking its movement a step further with a brand new driver’s capsule collection in partnership with Steve McQueen, represented by Greenlight. Coined as the “King of Cool” for his effortlessly iconic style, McQueen is most notably remembered for his acting, race car driving and philanthropy. “When I think of Steve McQueen, I think of the ‘King of Cool.’ Always stylish, with a bit of an edge to him… Steve is known for being a movie star, a race car driver, and much more. It is an incredible feeling to be able to design an officially licensed driver’s capsule with his name and legacy attached. I am overjoyed to bring this collection to the world and driving enthusiasts everywhere,” says INHERENT Founder Taylor Draper. 

I could hear the excitement in Taylor’s voice when he was explaining his inspiration not only behind the collection but the brand and its mission inspired by his own experience. This collaboration is the first of its kind, the Steve McQueen by INHERENT collaboration brings the household name’s care-free and collected essence back to life by honoring his quintessential fashion sense and unapologetic authenticity through updated designs on classic apparel and lifestyle accessories. Shoppers can embrace McQueen’s bold confidence while tailoring each piece to fit their own unique lifestyles, as all capsule collection products will be handmade to order.  

For Taylor, dressing up is merely more than getting dressed, but it is that little push, boost one needs to make you feel good about yourself. His passion for creating a community where men are encouraged to open up about their feelings, their challenges, and feel safe expressing themselves is just what the doctor ordered. As Taylor puts it, “given permission.”

The mission is nothing like you have ever seen before–but looking good and feeling good goes hand in hand at Inherent. They can schedule appointments for you both in person and virtually. So they are definitely worth exploring for all your special occasions.

Congratulations and happy shopping, gentlemen. Enjoy our conversation with the very dapper Taylor Draper.

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