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Looking to help your partner look their best on the big day? We reached out to a trio of experts to answer a few common questions and assemble tips to put their best face forward. 

What are some of the challenges men face? 

Dr. Renée Moran of The Men’s Den at Renée Moran Medical Aesthetics says that the lower face of a gentleman’s skin is aggressively attacked daily from shaving. She says that this can cause ingrown hairs and irritation and redness, which needs to be addressed. Men also tend to not have a skincare regimen. Their skin is thicker and pores are typically larger. Experts from Alpha-H note that generally, men tend to have an oilier complexion which can lead to surface shine, excess oil, and potentially even breakouts, as well as testosterone stimulation causing the skin to be thicker with more texture. For some, you’ve then also got to consider facials hair, which can leave the skin under a beard feeling dry and flakey.

When should they start prepping for the big day?

Practicing good skincare daily says Doctor Bottiglione (Dr. B) of Dermatologist’s Choice.  However, he advises it is best to ask what skin problem they have. Different skin issues can take longer than others to treat and require certain products or prescriptions. “ You have to be specific with the issue and treat the skin concern. We personalize the skincare routine for the best results and the most effective treatment. Depending on what their skin concern or problem is it’s possible that the stress level of the wedding can possibly make it worse. Starting a skincare routine should be determined by the specific skin problem, not the wedding date.  Starting a skincare routine a couple of months before the wedding in most cases is good. A dermatologist can prescribe medication depending on how specific the problem is. If you start using new over-the-counter skincare have time to see what works best for your skin concern and adjust as needed,” says Dr.. B.

What is a simple skincare regimen men can follow?

Dr. Moran suggests that they should have a good gentle cleanser, moisturizer and apply sunscreen! “Skincare doesn’t need to be complicated to give results!” notes the experts from Alpha-H who recommend a great cleanser morning and evening will maintain the skin’s healthy balance. “Protecting from damaging UV rays is essential. We recommend a broad-spectrum SPF50 daily no matter what time of the year it is! To smooth out any texture we recommend using a weekly exfoliating treatment such as our cult product Liquid Gold. Using an exfoliating treatment will help keep the skin looking plump, hydrated, and youthful.”

The Men’s Den at Renée Moran Medical Aesthetics PHOTO CREDIT: @elevensevenmedia x @rianyhaffey

Can you share some tips just for men?

“They need to be committed and consistent with their skincare. They should especially pay attention to their night-time routine. Night-time routine will remove all the environmental debris that we deal with daily. And nighttime is when the skin rejuvenates and nourishes itself,” says Dr. Moran.

“Don’t neglect your skincare routine; best results will come from consistent use! Always exfoliate before you shave to remove dead surface skin and flakey texture, allowing you to get a closer shave, and don’t be afraid of SPF, daily protection is non-negotiable!” says the Alpha-H team. 

“Personalize the treatment for the skin issue. Using the pH Balanced Cleanser, Facial Enhancement Cream, and Glycolic Peel Cleansing Pads is a great way to achieve fresh health and glowing skin before the wedding. If they have dry skin then use the Pre-Bath Oil,” says Dr. B.

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