From Santa Barbara to Washington, D.C. Museums & Historic Properties Are Magical with Restrictions



A couple of days ago we met with a newly engaged couple, both engineers, to tour the Museum. We had an enjoyable time chatting about their relationship and how they finally got to the moment he dropped to his knees to pop the question.  We spent a few hours going over every detail from the list of questions they had developed in their “Things To Do Wedding Book Planner.”

One of the areas that we discussed at length was the actual spaces and what they could and couldn’t do in each area.  They both had really grandiose ideas and were committed to invest in the appropriate vendors to realize their dream wedding celebration.

However, when you are considering a historic building or a museum, there are generally a lot of rules and regulations that may impact your dreams.  Not all of your dreams can be implemented in these restricted environments.

Please also note that it is critical to hire designers and vendors that are accustomed to working in the locations you are considering. Your initial inquiry or consult with the property representative will outline any exclusive vendors and any facility constraints all of which are normally written in your contract. If not, make certain it is included.

Far too often couples are so busy trying to realize their dream for their special day that they aren’t ready and sometimes not willing to accept the numerous limitations in these types of restricted environments.  Just keep in mind that if your vendor does not adhere to your contract, you could very well be liable for what may seem to be a small infraction. But, then again, isn’t that why you will purchase at least $1,000,000,000 in liability insurance?!

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