Rami Al Ali Haute Couture Bridal 2022

Rami Al Ali’s couture reputation is an ode to architectural expression. Gowns stand like exquisite pieces of art in full movement. The structure and silhouette are a juxtaposition of geometry and fluidity.

Each dress is handmade to perfection at the Rami Al Ali atelier and crafted from the finest materials worldwide. Artisanal craftsmanship is displayed in the intricate details that adorn and embellish each dress. A contemporary palette of soft neutrals and off-white shades leads the line, followed by pure whites suitable for a classic taste. Rami Al Ali’s collection celebrates unmatched elegance and represents the confidence of its creator. He wants all women to exude this boldness, carrying the essence of royalty on their wedding day. In my brief time with the designer, Rami Al Ali shared his perspective on life, influence, and creativity.

WBM: What was your guiding path to bridal?

RAA: “Our White line (our ready-to-wear bridal line) has been in the pipeline for a couple of years, but the period of the pandemic closure expedited it. Brides were looking for products off the shelf that was more affordable and practical but yet had the drama and aesthetic of our brand. Then the line continued to succeed and attract a wider client reach, especially in the US market. Then we moved it from annual to seasonal with a great focus on the US market.”

WBM: Describe how your family/culture plays a role in your designs.

RAA: “I come from a very rich heritage in crafts and artisanal skills, a region imported to the world the art of textiles and fabrics. I was exposed at a young age to the creative world through my father’s profession as an architect and a very elegant mother whom she paid a lot of attention to intricate details and refinement. All those elements played a major role in creating my creative character.”

WBM: Who is the Rami Al Ali customer?

RAA: “Young in spirit, modern yet appreciate old school and classics. Very selective and very well educated in art, fashion, and culture. Delicate, refined, and eternally elegant.”

WBM: Briefly share one challenge this season and how you overcame it.

RAA: “Our biggest challenge after the pandemic was a staff shortage. Our team now handles all the brand development and line expansion, not to mention how difficult it is these days to scout talent.”

WBM: “Be Iconic” is our overarching message for our magazine’s winter issue. Define what “Be Iconic” means to you.

RAA: “Leave a mark, don’t just pass by. Stand out by being you, express your uniqueness.”

WBM: What is your message to international creatives looking to be as iconic as you?

RAA: “Believe in your talent. Once you do, everyone will believe you too.”

Bridal couture is a prominent part of the Rami Al Ali Couture line. The Rami Al Ali woman includes members of the royal family, couture collectors, socialites, celebrities, and, most proudly, Arab women. Today, women worldwide seek the designer to create custom-made gowns of the highest quality for their many occasions.

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