Discovery is one of our passions; we make it essential to keep a pulse on the creative greatness unfolding around us. However, amidst talent that’s fresh and burgeoning, it’s also a delight to uncover those seasoned with experience, and Ksenia Oksana Craven is a Fashion & Commercial Illustrator we have our eyes on. Ukrainian-born and raised in Canada, Ksenia grew up drawing and making Barbie dresses during playtime.

Ksenia Oksana Craven of Craven Fashion Studio

Makings of an Artist

Like many of us whose parents intentionally guided our future professions regardless of our display of innate abilities, Ksenia’s father set her on a path to hospitality management while she envisioned her fashion boutique. It fascinates me how narrow the geographic divide becomes when we share similarities in our upbringing. In our latest WBM YouTube interview, I shared my experience with my father’s expectation that I and my siblings will have professions in the education, finance, and medical industries because fashion and the arts were not lucrative. Our fathers couldn’t have been more wrong. Defiant and successful, Ksenia has more than 15 years in fashion design and launched her art studio in 2019.

Ksenia Oksana Craven of Craven Fashion Studio

Luxe Brands

Ksenia is a Designer, Textile Designer, and a brilliant commercial illustrator. Global brands like BVLGARI Hotel (Dubai), Armani Hotel (Dubai), Kenzo, Piaget, Casino De Montecarlo, Hermes, Dior, Bloomingdales, Harper’s Bazaar, and Worldbride Magazines are namely a few brands who her talents have enriched.

Ksenia Oksana Craven (Illustrated) of Craven Fashion Studio

The luxury of her professional career is “every new opportunity brings me to a new country” or a new city. This has put stamps on her passport from countries like Finland, London, France, Canada, Dubai, and now in the U.S. Needless to say, her breadth of inspiration is vast and contributes to her fine art and high-end artistry.

Commercial Illustrator

Craven Fashion Studios offers Commercial illustrations for Hotels, Restaurants, Brands, Magazines, Blogs, Websites, and others. Her illustration style has sometimes been called “a cross between Coco Chanel and Valentino.” Ksenia’s hand illustration bridged with her digital work is bright and gives any city a contemporary electrifying scene.

Commercial illustrations

Weddings & Live Portrait Art

Moreover, Ksenia has been commissioned to live sketch at wedding receptions, cocktail parties, and many engagements surrounding love and special occasions. Her perspective on her subjects is keen with a whimsical touch and the traditionally textured medium brings life to the drawings.

Fashion Apparel and Design

In addition to developing incredibly intricate visual work for brands and businesses worldwide, Craven Fashion Studios creates and develops clothing collections for fashion brands and designers.

Behind the Artist

Ksenia and I connected via zoom to catch up on her latest industry work, honoring women in business and tips on launching into Fashion Design and Illustration. Ksenia shares, “In this notoriously secretive industry, it is difficult to know where to find reliable information from experienced industry experts”. Ksenia understands and will share the secrets of the fashion world to help usher upcoming artists into the pathways.

Furthermore, her work evolved into developing collections for private label brands, start-up identity packages, magazines, website designs, and many more for a worldwide clientele. Ksenia is currently leading Paris Hilton‘s Spring 2023/24 collection.

Ksenia Oksana Craven of Craven Fashion Studio with Paris Hilton

In closing, when you’re considering a special event with loved ones; be it your engagement announcement, bridal shower, or celebrating an anniversary, commissioning a live sketch artist is an investment that gifts your guests the most wonderful moments captured in an authentic way that will make your event stand out. Ksenia Craven’s body of work is exhibited at When booking, mention Worldbride Magazine.

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