Unlock Your Wellness – MTHD by Oscar

My mother once said that the concept of wellness to a black woman is “radical.” Wellness is the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal. With further discussion, I understood that she meant simply moving through the world is effort enough. To pursue and prioritize yourself almost seems unrealistic. To say I was utterly disheartened would be an understatement, but I understood. Making your overall wellness is hard to do in a city and culture that “never sleeps.” But as a black woman, it is tough to do when trying to be successful and disrupt the false ideas society has about you as a human being.

That being said, some places make the focus of wellness easier and seemingly more accessible. 

When I stumbled into MTHD by Oscar, it was simply another attempt to prioritize wellness. To be a champion of my physical health. “The gym instructors have partnered with healthcare professionals to ensure a comprehensive approach to fitness.” I quickly learned that this was a fantastic black-owned studio that provided a luxury experience. The studio was committed to delivering the best workout rooted in the health of each individual who walked through the door. 

The facility has a wide range of equipment, a shower, a locker room, and a boxing area. I’ve taken the Gauntlet, a station-based class rotating between cardio and strength training, and the Lower Body Burn class, which focuses on strengthening your lower half. Overall, it was the most enjoyable pain I’ve experienced. I could feel my muscles being pushed in ways they hadn’t before, yet I felt safe and guided by the instructor. Now, what makes an impact on me in terms of studios is culture. MTHD has a community of diverse, kind, and encouraging members. From the coaches to the people, attending this gym is something to cherish.

Shoutout to Oscar Colon, the founder born and raised in Brooklyn, for creating a dazzling environment where everyone can prioritize their physical and mental well-being. MTHD by Oscar is not only black-owned but is genuinely a pioneer in the fitness space in New York. During this Black History Month, World Bride Magazine will continue to highlight black-owned businesses that continue to show us the way and raise the bar to achieve overall wellness.

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