Top Three Workouts in NYC

January 1st hit, and I was quickly reminded that all I had been doing for the past month was eating and trying to survive another New York Winter. To get back into shape, I committed myself to three workout classes a week, and to be honest, I think I’ve found the best studios in NYC. Let’s review!

Y7 Studio 

Y7 is a fantastic studio that has various locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan. The studio has amenities like showers, lockers, and studios “heated up to 90 degrees using infrared technology, which helps create a detoxifying sweat that stimulates blood circulation and increases flexibility.” I’ve been taking the WeFlowHard Vinyasa class once a week, and I have to say it’s like none other in the city. The studio was dark, with candles at every mat’s head, and the music made you feel connected to your body while encouraging you to push through. Our fantastic instructor, Allison, had just the right amount of presence and passivity, creating a space of guidance and independence. After each series, you’re also given three minutes of free flow to give your body exactly what it needs. I left this class dripping in sweat with my muscles nimble, feeling clear-headed and motivated, which was the opposite of how I’d come into class: hands down, the best workout of the week.

MTHD by Oscar

MTHD is the place to go if you want to transform your body and mind. I realized I needed to incorporate weight training in my workout routine, especially in training for my upcoming trip to Bali, so I booked a lower body burn class. One thing about this place is they deliver the burn! I felt pushed, cared for, and left feeling STRONG. I often find weight training a bit intimidating, which causes me to underestimate my strength. Our instructor, Rubie, quickly saw that I could handle more weight and brought a heavier weight over for me to switch out. I love this studio’s commitment to ensuring everyone is getting their best workout. When my form was off, Rubie came over and corrected me and told me how my form would impact my muscles. This gym has a locker room, shower, a plethora of equipment, and one of the best community cultures I’ve encountered. The staff and members are friendly and encouraging, which was a complete breath of fresh air, seeing as that’s not always the case. I immediately signed up for my next class after the first one ended.

Natural Pilates

I had to mention the mainstream chosen child of workouts, pilates. I love pilates and have felt this way for the past five years. Pilates is the workout that will make you sore, sweat, and strong without giving you a headache from jumping from the floor to the sky. Now my expectations for a pilates studio are possibly a bit much, but I met my match at Natural Pilates. In workouts, it’s so easy to have the wrong form, especially while using equipment like a reformer, but the instructors at this studio personally correct you to ensure you get it right. The small class size and pace, which is matched up to the attendees, really allows you to get the best workout in. I left feeling more proficient in practicing pilates in conjunctions with a reformer. 

For a quick recap- Y7 Studio, MTHD by Oscar, and Natural Pilates all offer different kinds of workouts and cultures. What the three have in common is you’re likely to leave feeling stronger and in better spirits than when you walked into the door. Whether getting in wedding shape or improving your overall wellness, these studios are highly recommended. You can find more recommendations and inspiration for nuptials at

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