A Gentleman’s Guide to Securing a True, Lasting Relationship & Marriage

by Marcello Ortiz Jr.




So, I am sure at one time or another, you have read some articles and or tidbits on “How To” with a relationship and or marriage. We all have at one time or another. The majority of these so-called expert advices are really common sense. There are others that to me are down-right hysterical.

I ask…have we as men, let me rephrase that, “gentlemen” become so womanized? In the sense that we act according to what our women want or in some cases, tell you. Personally, I have been my own man. Many of my traits, habits and conduct were gleaned from my father. I strongly feel that today’s man is a tad too metro-sexual, simply because that’s what he hears and reads in today’s magazines on what is “considered” proper behavior…

Allow me to state my view on all these differing train of thoughts: They are all wrong. Yes. All of them, wrong! Why? Because you are still not acting as you truly are, as you were brought up to be. You would be acting on their “visions” on how to act, on how to hold onto a relationship. What’s the key? Well I will tell you that too. Ready? Just be you. Yes, it’s that simple. Here are the other little tidbits to try to remember and do.

1. If you are single and are doing the dating scene, it is not cool to be the lying “Rico suave,” a player as the term goes. No. Be honest, keep it truthful with your dates. You will probably lose some of them, as they are the ones who don’t accept your current “single” status and want to have an exclusive relationship. It’s ok. There will be many, many others who are ok with it and will accept you as you are.

Just please don’t lie about your relationship preference. You want to have no commitments or exclusivity and they will either accept that or not. There is no gray area. This is part of what being a gentleman and having a pair are all about. Lying to your female friends is no way to go about being a real man. Women will appreciate your straight-forwardness and honesty. They will also become good friends with you. Thereby increasing the future pool of candidates of women available, when you finally decide to get out of the singles scene to look for the right one.

2. Women, I have found…make great friends when the dating scene becomes complicated or if you were caught off guard and fell for one and she didn’t reciprocate those feelings of love. That does sting a little. So, besides your bros who will undoubtedly give you the wrong kind of advice, women, real women will lend an ear and cuddle up (with no expectations of anything else). Then when you’re finally over being “stung” go hang with the fellas and leave the sting out of conversations. Unless, you have been very lucky and have “intelligent and thoughtful” male friends.

To Be Continued.

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