Inspirational Looks from New York Fashion Week for Your Spring 2015 Nuptials

by Saroyah

The displays of Fashion Week are long past. By now, you’ve looked through the runway photos, gotten a sneak-peak of what to expect in six months. With the fall weather in full swing, Halloween fast approaching and the Christmas goods popping into stores, however, we can’t help but have romance on our minds and start thinking about when the warm weather and sunshine will dominate once again.

If you’re planning your spring or summer wedding this winter, here are some trends straight from the runway that can be easily incorporated into your spring or summer affair.

Slicked back hair. From Hellessey to Concept Korea, straight, clean, combed, fresh-out-of-the-shower looks were pervasive on the runway this past September. To get the look, blow dry your hair straight and then apply your best hairspray and comb the hair back behind the ears. Don’t be shy on the product. Side parts were definitely the more prominent choice. This would look great with a veil, creative floral headpiece or hat.  

Son Jung Wan
Son Jung Wan






















Pastels. We loved the soft-toned dresses and rompers of silk and crystals from Son Jung Wan. This soft tone is perfect for bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen’s ties, or even floral arrangements.

Nude Makeup. At the Hellessey show, we spoke with Bobbi Brown makeup artists who gave us the scoop on this spring’s makeup trend. Like the natural, wet-hair look, natural makeup is also the season’s look and is perfect for your spring or summer wedding. Easily applied, golds, browns and soft pinks will be dominant. Consider these for your big day.

Exotic Jewels. Dannjjo proved that fine gems, crystals and stones in exotic, tribal patterns can be both elegant and a true beautiful statement to liven up your bridal attire. Consider getting a piece of matching jewelry for your bridal party; whether it be a certain type of bracelet, color or pattern, these pieces are good for destination weddings or a bride who doesn’t shy from the unusual.

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