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As a fitness professional, I have 20 plus years of experience in health, fitness training & nutrition. My clients range from post rehabilitative, brides, grooms, sports conditioning, pro athletes, moms, dads and those who simply want their life back.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have met and worked with some amazing fitness pioneers in the industry since ’95 and have adopted many of their philosophies into my own approach to fitness. I’ve not been the inventor of the wheel but instead the creator of my own unique approach to fitness — given what I have learned from the more than 25,000 training sessions completed with clients, as well as my own rehabilitation after many surgeries and injuries, and a body building show back in ’97 that taught me how to drop 40 lbs body fat in 12 weeks without doing cardio. And I share all of this with each and every one of my clients who walk through my door!




My method can be described as functional movement training. I initially start out with the 4 pillars of movement which is simply training the body the way in which it’s meant to move. We master body weight, develop cardio and muscular endurance, and proceed gradually with my training modules so there is consistent and steady progress within a specific timeline. There are no machines within my space other than the C2 Concept rower, and most of the equipment you will see is a collection of bands, medicine balls, stability balls, functional equipment and light dumbbells — a perfect blend given my philosophy that the body is the best machine on the planet. We do not need heavy weight or equipment to train the body, simply the right methodology, proper nutrition and rest in between sessions.


Typical bridal goal is to look good for the wedding day, which is not always accomplished in a safe or sustainable manner. Most brides tend to starve themselves while also doing countless hours of cardio 5 days a week while eating salads for months leading up to their big day. They feel stressed out right up to the very last moment, walking down the aisle to the alter, only to find themselves binge eating and drinking at the reception, and while on their honeymoon, putting the body weight loss back on and much more during the beginning stages of marriage, which can become unpleasant and regretful. And because they were not coached to learn the benefits of consuming and eating healthy foods and good calories, not only does their approach become unsustainable it also becomes rather painful!

My approach is much different in that it extends above and beyond one’s wedding day.

My approach is holistic, enjoyable and fun because it teaches you how to train the body using time efficient modules, how to eat without it being a burden with foods you actually enjoy and it also offers the mind body component where you actually develop a relationship with your body.  As your body improves, it feels much better and pleasant within your mind’s eye, reinforcing positive thought and a healthy state of mind. The mind then shares intuitively what’s best for your well-being, and encourages you to continue nurturing that mind-body relationship. No more mood swings, hunger pains, feeling irritable, unsatisfied, bloated, and overweight but instead improved focus, energy, mood and general overall appearance, a state of well-being.

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Training we train smarter not harder, train the body functionally the way it was meant to move, by mastering body weight. We also stop the long-winded cardio and develop time efficient training modules that have a much more productive effect on your muscles which gives the body natural curves and sexy shape.

Nutrition I coach nutritional freedom and we achieve nutritional freedom by providing a meal plan that works for the bride/groom, and works into their daily schedule. My strategy with each client is to educate on today’s SAD diet (the standard American diet) and explain why it’s not sustainable/doesn’t work. I then share the history of how we once ate and re-educate my clients on what’s available to them and implement into their daily routine plans like the 3 hr meal plan, intermittent fasting, Paleo and Keto meal which my clients thrive on. It’s simply a matter of choosing the one that matches your lifestyle best.

The mind-body connection is a big one, maybe the biggest next to nutrition because this is where you develop a real relationship with your body, and understand the triggers in your life as well as how to deal with them. Triggers like stress, peer pressure, inner emotions, etc. all trigger specific habits and have an impact on the way we eat and drink. When we were younger we were more in tune with that connection, but as adults and due to our jobs, busy lives, kids, responsibility of having to earn a living and pay bills, we lose that special connection and that’s where I come in. I re-teach my clients that relationship and assist in making that mind-body connection. To love oneself, take care of oneself.


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